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Ina, Ira, and I

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So you guys really convinced me that I need a mouth guard! I was up bright and early to get fitted at Dr. Stahle’s. This time the television was turned to The Food Network, and “The Barefoot Contessa” was on. I rarely follow her recipes (she uses a lot of meat, and takes that stand mixer/food processor out waaaay too often for me) but I perked up when I watched her make a no-stir risotto – IN THE OVEN…


‚Ķalso a particularly captivating episode of “This American Life” on the drive to/from Beverly Hills. I’ve been supporting this podcast for years, and have felt it’s become very hit or miss lately. I admit that I haven’t been listening as regularly, but “Play the Part” has totally brought me back!


My blog has just been nominated for The Kitchn’s “Best Healthy Cooking Blog” so for all you first-time visitors who are scrolling down, confused, I want to be honest and admit that I rarely cook from scratch (the last thing I can think of was caramelized onions, and those were done in the crockpot).

But just so you have a sense of what I DO blog about, here are some of my favorite posts from 2012 thus far – everything from restaurant reviews, to thoughts on positive body image, to the behind-the-scenes life of an actor:

Basically, this is an online journal, where I occasionally share my personal views, but mostly show what I eat (yes, EVERYTHING).

Even the leftover poop pie I had for breakfast:



(That dude in the back is Julius. He doesn’t blog, but he does update his Facebook page frequently!)


Like Ira and Ina, I am not always 100% captivating, but would still love it if you took a second to vote for “The Actor’s Diet!”

Oscar Nom Noms

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Yesterday was Hollywood (and my blog’s) biggest night! Food + Film, all together in one post.


For “Moneyball,” Sam brought “Billy Beane Bruschetta” with goat cheese…


…and a bag of David Sunflower Seeds. I nibbled on two or three of these – just like when I’m at the stadium, I only want a taste.


“Extremely Good for You and Incredibly Delicious” Roasted Brussel Sprouts…


…plus Sweet Potatoes, courtesy of McKenna and Scott. (They intended to make “Jonathan Saffron Rice” but it didn’t work out.)


That “Special Pie” from “The Help” – Graham Cracker Crust, Banana, Cool Whip, Chocolate Pudding, and finely ground coffee – thankfully, Mayuka left out the secret ingredient….


…immediately dove into a slice. I’m not shitting you; it was incredible.


My “Midnight in Paris”/”Hugo” appetizer was also a big winner. The croissants from TJ’s couldn’t have been easier to bake, and they disappeared FAST.


Ate a flakey roll fresh from the oven, half smothered in hot brie…


…the other in fig syrup


I also put out a bunch of snacks to nibble on – Cheddar Cheese/Caramel Mix, fresh berries, and Jordan Almonds


Take 1…


…Take 2


I did pretty well this year predicting the winners (got 11 right) but Sam took home the prize with 13!


I think Julius was jealous that Uggie got to be on stage…


…but he was proud of his mommy for starring in an Oscar-winning film:


Okay, so this “Saving Face” is just slightly different from the one I’m in. Still, I’m claiming it as my own!!!