Countdown to Oscars

I’m still pretty stuffed from last night’s greasy Chinese food, so I’m just sticking to melon today.  Plus, it’s almost time…

…as you can see from my Facebook page, the media has been abuzz all week, with party guides, awards food news, and recipes. On Friday’s episode of The Chew, Mario Batali made a fancy French dish, Pork au Poivre, inspired by Midnight in Paris

…my creation for this movie is going to be a bit more literal. With our (not so annual) potlucks, we assign each person a Best Picture Nomination + a course.

I plan to bake the brie in its box, using this recipe, and serving it covered, with these clock hands I constructed…

…pointed to midnight, of course!

The clock theme also goes with Hugo (we get two films, since we’re hosting) and the cheese will be accompanied by croissants, which Hugo steals/eats. (When I saw those baking in 3-D, I literally salivated as they puffed up in the oven.)

Taking help from Trader Joe’s.  You didn’t really think I’d make these from scratch, did you?!?

Can’t wait to see what creations the rest of our guests come up with! We also have a tradition of holding a Voting Pool – Studio DIY has these cute (and free) ballots I already download and printed.

Are you doing anything special for The Academy Awards?


8 thoughts on “Countdown to Oscars

  1. Ellen

    Not too much. It’s one of my best friend’s birthdays and I’ll be baking them banana bread/keeping an eye on the awards. Can’t think if that goes with any of the movies though:)

  2. Elizabeth - SugarHero!

    I love themed Oscar parties! My best was one year when “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket was nominated, and I made Lemony Snickerkdoodles. I was pretty proud of myself for that one.

    Baked brie sounds fab, hope you enjoyed the party!

  3. evafitness

    I’m excited that they’re actually airing them here in Australia!! Not in real time of course (I think they’re already over actually) but I’m super stoked anyway! multigrain croissants?!!! yum!

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