Best Food Court Salad

Monday was the annual LA Wesleyan Film Alumni schmooze-fest; thanks to the blog, I remembered last year’s food situation


…and filled up beforehand, on my new favorite snack combo


…there were passed hors d’oeuvres, but as predicted, I wasn’t in the mood for any while we were there.


(Abe knows the artist!)


CAA is right by the Century City Mall, so we headed to the food court with our Saturday night Presidential Party hosts (Emily and Evan) afterwards.


Still remember Take a Bao’s 8 Veggie Salad with great fondness, so I ordered that again…


…it was just as good!!! I don’t know what it is – but this is the perfect combo of ingredients/textures/dressing.


I think the guacamole-ish avocado helps.


Also delicious were Abe’s Penang Curry Veggie Noodles – I probably polished off 1/4 of his dish…


…tofu, lo mein, curry sauce, crispy shallots, cilantro, and lots of fresh veggies – even lotus root:


Those bowls were huge so I was stuffed – for something sweet, we shared a couple Jordan Almonds on the car ride home.


Can’t stop thinking about that salad! I’ll either have to recreate it at home, or find an excuse to go shopping in Century City today…


3 thoughts on “Best Food Court Salad

  1. Lauren

    Loving that salad…I’m just like you…lots of flavors, textures, etc must all go into my salads. And all this from a food court, that’s amazing!

  2. earthygurl

    I know what you mean about that salad! I tried a roasted veggie salad at a restaurant 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about so Josh and I had to go back and get that salad on our little get away! The measures I go through for food!

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