Patriotic Cookies

Unfortunately, my photo shoot had to be cancelled this morning. So I took advantage of my unexpected free time and baked these patriotic cookies!


These ready-made Pillsbury sugar cookies are on deep discount right now because of their Valentine’s theme…


I decided to celebrate President’s Weekend by adding some blue!


Take a cookie…


…stuff it with a Jordan Almond…


…and roll!


No more hearts – just red/white swirls (with a surprise waiting inside)


In this form, they required more time in the oven than the package directions (about 7 minutes)


I even used a cooling rack (which I never take the time to do)


Sampled the “ugly” one


Oh, Say Can You See???


REALLY wonderful. The Jordan Almonds stay crunchy inside, which is a lovely contrast in texture. If you are looking to whip up a quick, easy (and super cheap) dessert for this weekend this is it!


I paired my Patriotic Cookie with a good old American apple.




10 thoughts on “Patriotic Cookies

  1. Meg @ Spandex in the City

    That is SUCH a great idea !!! I would never have thought of such a thing, looks real good too.

    …I am all about eating the dough as well hehe

  2. Trevor Sis Boom

    I always sample and eat the ugly ones. Which is why I am on a diet right now and not eating much of what I’m cooking for everyone else these days. Sigh. Great idea here with that cookie dough.

  3. Emily

    This is brilliant! I’m glad you made the most of your day, despite your shoot being cancelled. I hate when that happens!
    And sampling the “ugly” one is a-given when it comes to baking. (:

  4. Monet

    Love it! I just bought some Valentine’s Day candy that was on sale. I wish I had one of these cookies to munch on while working today. I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent…we’ve been traveling to and from Houston, and I’ve gotten behind in my reading. Thank you for sharing with me…as always, delicious!

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