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The “D” Word

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Despite the name of this blog, I really don’t believe in “Diets.” And yet, if you were to just look at certain pictures without reading the surrounding posts, you would think, “Diet Food.” Like breakfast this morning:


I’ll admit that in the last few days, I actually AM watching what I eat. You see, I have a photo shoot with the fabulous Robert Dahey this weekend, where I’ll be getting pretty bare. The last thing I want to do is feel bloated while I’m trying to look all sexy. It’s not really about WHAT I digest that affects my body, it’s HOW MUCH I’m consuming. And when I’m at a restaurant or noshing with other peeps, it’s too easy to get caught up in the enjoyment and wind up overly full. Which is fine every other day of the year, when I can throw on some Spanx, but not when I’ll be in a tight/skimpy outfit, baring my soul into a camera lens.

I don’t want to deprive myself, either. Luckily these perfectly-portioned packages arrived from the Olomomo Nut Company today…


…just as I was packing my snack bag for tomorrow:


I’m bringing a bunch of items, including this Ppushu Ppushu (no idea how to pronounce that) which is literally…


…Dry Ramen. NO WATER.


That sounds intriguing, but I also included some sure-fire favorites, including Crunch n Munch


…and Fudge-Covered Oreos


As much as I dislike using the word “diet,” I also try to steer clear of labeling foods as “good” or “bad;” “junk” or “healthy.” But let’s be realistic, eating a package of Olomomo Nuts – which has no added oils – is probably going to leave me feeling/looking physically better than if I ate the sodium-filled ramen snack.


I tore through half a package of the Cherry Vanilla Dream Almonds while driving back from Joy’s this afternoon, along with an apple.


Speaking of my lovely friend, check out the amazing shots Robert took of her – YOWZA…


…hope I can look half as va-va-voom!!!

I’ll be out of my sweatpants/no makeup element and thus, I’m slightly anxious/excited about this shoot. Whenever the nerves are running at full speed, I tend to lose my appetite. So in summary, I’ve no idea what I’ll end up noshing on tomorrow, but part of my eating disorder recovery has been giving myself plenty of options, and no rules. I’m bringing other snacks like fresh fruit, cheese + crackers, energy bars/shakes, etc. I may eat none of it. As usual, I just want to honor what my body is craving but also be mindful of how I want to feel – it’s going to be a long day, with 4-5 hours driving included on top of a full day of posing. A sugar crash is not going to be welcome, but I also want to enjoy my favorite road trip/crafts service bites too.

I know I’m not being obsessive about what I’m consuming (by counting calories, pre-planning it all, weighing myself, etc.) so I’m confident I’m doing fine. Whether it looks like a “diet” or not.

Quick Quick Slow

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Forgot to say Happy Birthday to my body image blog yesterday!!!

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No dumplings to celebrate – I suddenly got ravenous at 5pm so I ate a quick + early dinner by myself.


Spinach Sardine Dip is such a fast, filling, and nutrient-dense meal. I like to make this when Abe’s not around because he can’t stand the smell of fish.

This time, I used “Boneless Herring Fillets,” which have a smokier flavor…


…and spoonfuls of Apricot Fig Chutney for saucy sweetness:


Ding donged in the microwave til warmed through, seasoned with S + P….


…French bread on the side



After that bite, I thought it would be more fun to tear it into pieces and make a “stew.”


The toast absorbs all the liquids and becomes soft. I think you get more mileage outa your slice, too.


I was in a rush with dinner, but felt satiated enough to wait til 9:30pm for my next nosh. Even had the patience to wait almost 45 minutes for dessert!


Topped the TJ’s Pumpkin Soufflés with warmed, frozen berries



Still stand by my last review – these really aren’t worth the wait.