Nice Melons

Early morning traffic report…


…these Kashi bars are fudgy – the chocolate layer isn’t solid, like on most granola bars. They’re tasty too!


My audition was in an adorable section of Santa Monica I’ve never driven through before…


…whenever I see a new grocery store (especially an independent one), I must explore.


Bob’s Market reminded me of the Rouses Food Market in NOLA’s French Quarter…


…and their cantaloupe was pretty cheap (compared to other stores right now)


Never seen one with this skin before…


…it pretty much tasted the same as the ones I typically buy.


Celebrated National Almond Day with 2 kinds – Jordan and Trader Joe’s Cinnamon!


Meg recently asked me if I ever get sick of my melons – and Megan (a different one!) asked if I buy them in bulk. The answer to both questions is, surprisingly, no! Though I have a feeling if I DID buy them in massive quantities, I wouldn’t want them. Whenever I’ve done that in the past (with a type of candy, snack, gum, etc.) I’ve grown tired of it quickly. Perhaps because I actually feel the pressure to eat them up, and then my taste buds grow tired of it. So I just keep getting my staples, one by one, knowing one day they might be retired from my rotation….

The mind/palate connection is a weird one. I’m not going to attempt to figure it out….


5 thoughts on “Nice Melons

  1. nerdbread

    That’s my hood! I love Bob’s. A lot of the meats are from local farms where the animals are treated with care. Everyone that works there really cares about the place. They serve bbq in the parking lot on the weekends.


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