Happy Hour Makes Me Happy

…even though I don’t drink alcohol.

I had a late afternoon meeting at The Churchill – 3rd Street is a pain for cars, but at 3pm, there’s still 2-hour street parking…

…AND a special menu!

Hello, $6 Chopped Salad…

…little bits of pancetta, olives, mozzarella = salty satisfaction

(Love the Mason Jars here too)

Had to cut out early to prep for a last-minute pilot. Stopped for some study snacks….

…frozen berries n cherries…

…the last of the Thai desserts + Cupcake Challenge Leftovers…

…and later, a bag of Parmesan Pretzel Crisps with my nightly cocoa


SFIAAFF tickets are now available to the public:

Grab your tix to one (or all four!) of my movies – I’ll be there for the screenings from March 10th-12th.

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  • http://lowandbeholdblog.com Kacy

    Happy Hour food is seriously awesome. I love finding late night happy hours here too for nights I can’t make it into the city early enough for first happy hour. Cheap food is the best.

  • http://www.asdreamsbecomereality.com Emily

    Aren’t happy hours the best? When else can you get a (good) meal for $6 in LA? Looks delicious!

  • http://www.pure2raw.com pure2rawtwins

    wow that salad looks great for that price!!
    love when restaurants use mason jars. there is a place we go to back home that uses them.

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