Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Happy (Surrogate) Valentine’s Day

Abe had to go back to work, so I spent the morning with my Surrogate Valentine! Met Goh at Balconi Coffee Company, which is in a small shopping center on Olympic and Sawtelle They make their coffee in a siphon (just like “Gale” in “Breaking Bad!“) There’s no WiFi at this cozy cafe… …an intentional choice – so you can focus on

The Leftovers

…not only the title of the book I’m currently reading (and loving)… …also the stars of last night: The wind was going crazy at the beach! We cozied up and enjoyed our final evening with Abe’s parents. Nobody really felt like going out to dinner, so instead, we stayed in… …and took everything out of the fridge! My first plate