Look at this poster Parry made for our SFIAAFF premiere!


So pumped for the festival – I love being a part of the Asian-American community and have been bursting with pride for my peeps lately.

First, seeing friend of the blog Beverly Kim fight her way back into the Top Chef Final 4…


(She and Paul are definitely my favorites)


…and now, a dude named Jeremy Lin is taking the world by storm. Even my mother is watching basketball for the first time…uh, ever?!?

lin photo.jpg

Thinking of changing the way I spell my name – just so Abe can wear this shirt without me getting too jealous. (He, along with everyone else I know, is crazy obsessed.)


Now I’m about to slam dunk half this cantaloupe right into my belly!!!


Speaking of rockin’ Asians – come check out my Daylight Savings costars Goh and Jane today at Giant Robot 2!



8 thoughts on “AZN

  1. Cindy

    I’ve definitely been on the edge of my seat this week. Beverly makes a killer come back. Sad to see Ed go, but I think Beverly and Paul have been doing the most original dishes all season.
    And…Holy Cow Jeremy Lin! My little basketball heart is beaming to watch such an underdog rise so high so fast. He’s fun to watch and his unfettered joy is infectious.

    Gotta go…vittles on the stovetop need attention.

  2. Natalie

    Yeah Jeremy!!! I know Jeremy personally both from home and from going to school with him – and he really is SUCH a great guy with a huge heart.

    (and he’s staying on the couch that I normally stay on i.e. his brother’s couch – so when I go to New York so next week I gotta find a different place to stay!!)

  3. Fredric Delmais (@FredricDelmais)

    Someone has caught basketball fever! I believe you said in your post of a couple of days ago that “I have a very strong dislike for sports”. The Jeremy Lin story is exciting for new & old sport fans. I liked the contrast in the NY/LA game between Kobe & Jeremy. Kobe the veteran, lives in a mansion, didn’t even go to college & signs a big contract after high school. I’m a long time Kobe fan, saw his father play in college for La Salle U. Just saying about that cantaloupe, think it would be more pick and roll than slam dunk. Next you’ll be reading to children, books about cute little marsupials. By the way, one waddled across the road in front of me tonight- thought of you!

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