Cake and Pie

Remember when I said there was gonna be some big film news?

If you couldn’t watch the video, basically I announced that I’m going to have FOUR PROJECTS at this year’s San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival: Nice Girls Crew, Yes We’re Open, Daylight Savings, and Saving Face. It’s going to be a busy March – if you’re in the Bay Area, I hope to see you at the screenings!

Onto the food….new Chobani flavors arrived at my doorstep:


I was so jazzed about this shipment I sliced right through the Apple Cinnamons. Oops.


Guess that means those will have to be eaten first? (You will have your time, Blood Orange and Passion Fruit.)


Fruit on the bottom….


…tastes like Apple Pie (I crumbled in some chocolate cake too)


Plum on the side – too much going on in that container already!


Wanna win your case of the new Chobani? Just leave a comment saying which flavor you’re most pumped to try. Extra entries for announcing the giveaway, subscribing to the blog, or following me on Twitter or Facebook. (US residents only – sorry.)

  • gina

    I love Passionfruit so I gotta go with that!

  • Liz

    I keep hearing how amazing the apple cinnamon is, so I am dying to try it!

    Also, I liked you on Facebook and followed you on twitter!!

  • Kelsey

    Definitely apple cinnamon!

  • April

    apple cinnamon is the bomb! i love to add some crumbly topping, too!

  • Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    The apple cinnamon looks like a good substitute for pie. =)

  • Jacky

    Wow, four films! Very awesome. Those flavor of Chobani look pretty awesome too, especially the blood orange.

  • Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats

    I just tried the Blood Orange one today and it was fabulous! It was the one I was most excited about. ^^

  • diane beebe

    Totally pumped about the apple cinnamon…..yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Eric

    I’m really excited to try the apple cinnamon flavor. As a college student, finding healthy, yummy food that doesn’t break my wallet and fills me up is hard to do. Thankfully, my local grocery store carries Chobani products, which is the perfect snack! I usually eat it for breakfast with a granola bar of some type and it keeps me full and satisfied until I can find time to eat lunch (which is sometimes 2 or 3 in the afternoon!) Thanks for posting!

  • Puja Vyas (nerdbread)

    Blood Orange! What a unique flavor!

  • Joyce Santiago

    The pomegranate one looks yummy! Excited to see your projects at the film festival! I’m geeking out already 😛

  • Carms

    The blood orange looks fantastic! Would love to try that one. :)

  • HRCK the Herald

    I want to win so much! I love the blood orange and would love for my supply to be refreshed!

  • she

    Apple Cinnamon!

  • Chloe

    Mmm, passion fruit!! Although, you also can’t go wrong with apples. Blood orange would be nice, too…Grr, can’t choose. All three please 😀

  • Lauren

    I love anything passionfruit and would love to win! Thanks!

  • emily

    Lynn, I accidentally puncture yogurt containers all the time!
    A piece of scotch tape across the top will make it good as new.

    Congrats on all your films. I hope you feel great!

  • emily (a nutritionist eats)

    I want to try the blood orange!

  • emily (a nutritionist eats)

    Congrats on the news too, so exciting!

  • Let Me Eat Cake

    congrats on all your projects! and your shipment of chobani :) love chobani pineapple but excited to try the blood orange!

  • Lynna

    Blood Orange? Oh, be still my heart…

  • Gina

    Never heard of blood orange yogurt! Would love to try that one.

  • balancedbridge

    i def wana try apple cinnamon!!!

  • Belle

    I know this will sound boring, but I’d love to try the plain! I’ve always bought FAGE O%, and would like to try Chobani. I’ve heard its better, but it is usually more expensive. This would be my chance!

  • janis530

    anything blood orange- y sounds delicious to me. Though I like the little popping bites of pomegranate, it’s way too difficult for this gemini to make a decision, I’m two people for gosh sakes!

  • Simply Life

    apple cinnamon please! YUM!

  • hippierunner

    Congrats on all those films. Sounds like you are going to have a blast!

  • Sarah Jordan

    Congratulations! And your snacks always look sooo good. I would LOVE to try the new Passion fruit flavor. I’m a Cho-addict :)

  • Estela @ Weekly Bite

    Yum! My new fav is Apple Cinnamon! I’m dying to try blood orange :)

  • Iris Lee

    Passion fruit!!!! I love fresh passion fruit and would love to try the Chobani. :)

  • ezzie

    Apple cinnamon! I have an obsession with cinnamon flavored things and greek yogurt is my all time favorite snack, so YAY Chobani! :)

  • cinta

    the apple cinnamon sounds great!

  • Living, Learning, Eating

    Haha, I’ve done that slicing thing, too! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one. :) I love plain chobani the best (and I LOOOOOOVE it)! Of the other flavors, the passionfruit sounds interesting… I hope I win! :)

  • Evan Thomas

    I would love to try the passion fruit

  • Renee

    APPLE CINNAMON it sounds like apple pie =D but better

  • Erin

    I’m not entering but I really wanted to say CONGRATS on your upcoming projects! They sound really fantastic Lynn!!

  • Shannon

    Hmm, tough choice … but I’m going to go with passionfruit!

  • Shannon

    I also follow you on Twitter!

  • elaine

    congrats, Lynn! Love that they added Saving Face to your newer releases. One of my all time favorite movies.

    the flavor i’m most excited to try would have to be apple cinnamon. I can already see me adding it to a loaf of apple pumpkin bread or muffins!

  • Cindy

    FOUR!! Awesome. AND the Centerpiece film…that’s a double whammy.
    Big congrats.
    Now I’m off to buy some Chobani.

  • Erin Pakowski

    Super congrats on your four showings at the Film Festival!
    I really like Chobani yogurt. I just tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago. I would love to try the apple cinnamon next. The blood orange was amazing.

  • elaine

    i also follow you on facebook 😀

  • vanillasugarblog

    apple pie! because you put cake in there! LOL

  • Serena

    Blood orange seems interesting.
    Congrats on the film news.

  • Eve

    The blood orange yogurt sounds delish!

  • Eve

    I also followed you on Twitter (@gnapye)

  • Lynette Cruz

    I would love to try them all,But the apple cinnamon sounds so good…just imagine some crushed up graham crackers on that!! OH LAWDY!! HAHAHAH

  • Sarah

    I’d want the apple cinnamon:-).

  • cristin

    Blood orange!! And of course I already follow you on Twitter and FB. :)

    Congrats on the film stuff. That’s awesome!

  • Jane

    I want some of the Passion Fruit!!

  • Lisa

    Apple cinnamon!!!!

  • Sara P.

    Blood Orange!!

  • Cellabella

    I’m excited to try all three although I’d probably grab the blood orange one first!

  • judy

    blood orange!!

  • Katie

    Blood Orange! Yum!

  • Rachel

    Passionfruit sounds amazing!

  • Amy S

    I really want to try the passion fruit one!

  • Emily

    I would love to try the apple cinnamon! I bet it would be great with granola on top!

  • Jessica

    apple cinnamon for sure.

  • thehungryartist

    I love Passion Fruit. i’ve never had it in yogurt before!

  • Lindsey

    I want to try the Blood Orange flavor!

  • Lindsey

    I follow TAD on Facebook!

  • pure2rawtwins

    congrats Lynns! looks like you have some fun time ahead 😉

  • Ellie

    PASSIONFRUIT!!! mmmm! thats my favorite fruit flavor!

  • Jen

    Definitely blood orange!!

  • Laura

    Passionfruit!! And I’m hoping to see you at one or more of the screenings at the SFIAFF, I just registered to be a volunteer!

  • Yvonne S

    Congratulations on your four movies! I look forward to your posts during the film festival (you’ll be super busy but I hope you’ll be able to blog about some fabulous eating up there!).

    That Blood Orange flavor is calling to me. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I would love to try the apple cinnamon!

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I follow you on twitter

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    And like you on FB!

  • Lynna Kim

    I absolutely love for Chobani! I just got my hands on the passion fruit for my newest flavor to try and it is Delish! Now, I’m curious to try the blood orange! I have tried almost every flavor so far. Mango was my favorite for awhile

  • Linda

    i really want to try the blood orange!

  • Janice

    I’d love to try apple cinnamon

  • Tracey

    Congratulations on your exciting projects and thank you for such a generous giveaway! I am so excited to try the Apple Cinnamon Chobani!

  • Janice
  • JS

    I love apple pie, so I guess I would try the apple cinnamon flavor first!

  • Stefanie L.

    The blood orange sounds great!

  • Stefanie L.

    I like you on FB.

  • lauren @ the talking kitchen

    blood orange? did you say blood orange yogurt?! i want!

  • Fifi

    apple cinnamon looks amazing! but im also a fan of blood orange :)

  • Sherilyn

    Mmmm CHOBANI. My new favorite yogurt. So delicious and worth my money :-)

  • Jessica F

    Definitely blood orange!

  • Jessica F

    I like you on facebook :)

  • Darcee

    Blood orange please!!!

    I already follow you on Facebook:)

    What are the film festival dates? I’m in the SF bay area, would love to come to a screening!! Congratulations to you!!

  • Natalie

    i want to try the passionfruit! as a kid i loved passion fruit milk tea with boba!

  • sophia

    I would love some apple cinnamon, especially if it tastes like pie! :)

  • aria juliet castillo (@ariajuliet)

    passion fruit definitely! yum!

  • Tina B.

    The Bloody Orange sounds bloody good!

  • sophia

    I love the mango!

    And whoa, Lynn, plenty on your plate! I hope you’re enjoying it though! :-)

  • Ingrid

    I’m most excited about the passion fruit. i love passion fruit so much!

  • Linda

    Passion Fruit please!

  • Redd H

    Oooh the Blood Orange and Passionfruit for sure! Congrats on the film festival!

  • Pam

    I have tried the blood orange and the apple cinnamon, and I liked them both.

  • Annie G.

    Does it still count if I comment saying how much I LOVE the apple and passionfruit ones?!? Ralphs and Target were selling these babies for $1 each, so I snagged a few. Fruit on the bottom reminds me of those Dannon or Yoplait ones from the 90s that they used to advertise…

  • erica


  • squigglefloey

    Definitely the apple Cinnamon!

  • squigglefloey

    follow u on twitter!

  • Rachel

    I would love to try the apple cinnamon. :)

  • Melissa

    Blood orange sounds really unique!

  • Megan

    Apple Cinnamon for sure!

  • Caitlin

    I am most excited to try Apple Cinn, only because I’ve already had the Blood Orange!

  • Caitlin Dachko

    Had the apple cinnamon and it was awesome! I used it in a banana bread too the other day, and it turned out great, and it actually reminded me of something you would do. I’ve been trying to Lynn-ify my cooking since I started reading your blog. Now I need to try blood orange!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yum! i was thinking of baking with it soon too – you know me so well!

  • Caitlin

    I already follow ya on Twitter!

  • Caitlin
  • Mitra

    I’m excited to try the blood orange flavor! I haven’t seen it in any stores around me yet.

  • Mitra

    I follow you on Facebook

  • Mitra

    Subscribed to your blog!

  • Yannique Benitez

    I didn’t know they made an apple cinnamon flavor. Definetly want to try!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    What a yummy delivery!!! I am most excited about trying the apple cinnamon flavor. It’s such a great combo!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    I subscribe to your blog.

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    I like you on FB! :)

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    And I follow you on Twitter.

  • Mai

    I’d like to try apple cinnamon!

  • Mai

    /i follow you on twitter!

  • Kristen H

    I really liked the apple cinnamon.

  • Cait @ Beyond Bananas

    I want to try the apple cinnamon!

  • Laurel C

    I wanna try the apple cinnamon!!!

  • Laurel C

    i subscribe!

  • Jess

    I’m really excited to try the apple cinnamon!

  • Jennifer Boudreau

    I would love to try out the Blood Orange!

  • Jennifer Boudreau

    I announced on fb – via Running With The Girls

  • Jennifer Boudreau

    I announced on twitter – via runningwtg

  • Shannon Thompson

    orange vanilla YUM!!


  • Jennifer Boudreau

    I shared on my sidebar on my blog – Running With The Girls

  • Amy

    Apple cinniman looks great, also would love to try honey, i know they havvee that.

  • Amy

    i also signed up to follow your blog :)

  • Molly

    i so want to try the apple cinnamon!! I hope I win!!!

  • Lele

    Passion fruit for sure!

  • Jen

    The apple cinnamon looks sooooo yummy!

  • Angela

    The Apple Cinnamon sounds so yummy! I would LOVE to win!!

  • Nichole

    I want to try the apple-cinnamon!

  • caloricandcrazy

    I haven’t tried ANY of the flavors you got, but I sooo wanna try the apple cinnamon! It looks even more amazing with the cake on top! :)

  • Darien

    blood orange or apple cinnamon, for the win

  • Yin

    I want to try the Blood Orange!

  • Val

    I love apple pie so I would love to try the apple cinnamon flavor.

  • Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats
  • angela

    I’d love to try Blood Orange!

  • Jill R

    Without a doubt Blood Orange!

  • Jill R

    I shared on fb!

  • Amy

    Apple cinnamon sounds like my type of treat. yum – apple pie in a yogurt!

  • Lauren

    Still waiting to try passion fruit.

  • Lauren

    I follow you on twitter. @runschicago

  • Lauren

    I tweeted your giveaway. @runschicago

  • Lauren

    I follow you on facebook.

  • Emily

    blood orange! yuuum :)

  • Emily

    followed you on twitter!

  • LetsGetCookin

    Apple Cinnamon for sure! It’s like apple pie a la mode… but healthy!

  • Debbie (Accidently Delish)

    i havent tried the passionfruit and i really want to!! i love the apple cinnamon!

  • Debbie (Accidently Delish)

    i follow you on fb now!

  • Debbie (Accidently Delish)

    i follow you on twitter!

  • Katryn

    I want to try the apple pie flavor! Yum!

  • larry

    Blood orange sounds intersting…

  • Stephanie C

    I’m excited about the Blood Orange (my fave right now is the pineapple or plain mixed with some jelly or honey!).
    I already follow you on twitter, and facebook.. extra points for following Julius, too? 😉

    • Stephanie C

      er.. not jelly.. JAM!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      ha ha – sure – just leave a separate comment for each so i can count them in the random #’s

    • Stephanie C

      Just subscribed as well.. not sure if it’s still open but worth another try!

  • Stephanie C

    Follow you on facebook!

  • Stephanie C

    Follow you on twitter (lebouleau)

  • Stephanie C

    Also follow Julius on facebook! Love supporting the JRTs.

  • Jackie

    I would love to try apple cinnamon! Looks delicious.

  • Lauren

    I want to try the Apple Cinnamon. Anything with apples and cinnamon is delicious!

  • Katie

    I want to try the Blood Orange. Have heard good things.

    • Katie

      Subscribed and liked on Facebook.

  • Caroline Zalla

    I would love to try the apple cinnamon! Been hearing rave reviews about it.

  • Amye

    I’d love to try all three flavors since I have yet to find them!

  • mc

    would love to try apple cinnamon! blood orange sounds fantastic too! yum!

  • vaughn

    as i am a sucker for apple cinnamon oatmeal, i will go with that.

  • Margaret

    Blood Orange sound really good!

  • Allywan

    I want Blood Orange!!

  • quinn

    blood orange?!! can’t wait to try that!!

  • eatreadtravel

    apple cinnamon :)
    i follow you on facebook

  • Jenn S.

    i tried the apple and loved it! want to try the blood orange.. love citrus!!

  • fortherecord25

    I wanna try passion fruit, which I love!

  • Melissa

    i hope i’m not too late! blood orange sounds amazing

  • Vida

    I hope I’m not too late either. The blood orange sounds really great!