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Clean Up on Aisle 4

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Of course I have my opinions, but in general, I choose to leave all politics – even food ones – off of this blog.

However…this is just…wrong…


I never go down the baby aisle but I usually DO swing by the candy one to see if there’s anything new. I was shocked to see that at this particular Ralph’s, both were in the same section. What are we teaching our children?


I still bought a bag.


Probably the reason I don’t talk about food politics is because I’m well aware that I’m a hypocrite, as I’m discovering most people who work in this world are.


Even with all of Paula Deen’s controversies, I’d like to have faith that she and her family are trying (like with her son’s new cooking show, “Not My Mama’s Meals“)


Even her famous rival, Anthony Bourdain, can’t seem to keep his mouth off of “the food that is killing us.”

I watched him ingest some if it on his new show, “The Layover.” And I know this stuff isn’t “healthy,” because I’ve experienced a lot of it first-hand.

In-N-Out Burger and Fries


…LudoTruck’s Fried Chicken Balls


…and an eating fest with Roy Choi (of Kogi Taco fame) – all in less than 48 hours.


I cannot tell you how many folks I know who (literally) write the book about organic, all-natural, locally grown and sustainable food – but don’t practice what they preach on a regular basis. They can’t. If you were to be THAT perfect, you wouldn’t be a human being.

Personally, I try to be conscious and live by my ideals. But for the most part, I can’t overanalyze things, because black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking is what got me in trouble for many years. Yes, I am aware of environmental, human, animal, and health factors when it comes to what I choose to support and ingest. But is that the case 100% of the time? Not even close. Does that mean I need to feel guilty or less worthy if I can’t?

I don’t really have a point here (see this is why I don’t bring this crap up usually) but I can tell you this – after merely thinking about what I was going to write in this post, I lost my craving for the Aisle 4 Lollipop.


Thought for food?

Birthday Pie

dessert - dinner - salads - vegetarian

Happy birthday to our buddy Jake!!! While wrapping his gift yesterday afternoon I sipped on a cup of miso


…held me over quite nicely til a late dinner. No wine for me, obviously, but I felt drunk just looking at these wobbly glasses!


Jake and Jen just got a new grill – their dog stood watch as the food was cooked…


…some a little crispier than others (he’s still figuring out the settings!)


The salmon turned out perfect – coated in olive oil and “Magic Dust” seasoning (from “The Hitching Post” restaurant in “Sideways“)


Also super delicious – the tofu, coated in TJ’s mustard aioli, honey, soy sauce…


…and a vegan brown rice with Earth Balance, walnuts, and raisins


Arugula, pear, and avocado rounded out the meal


I went fishing on the first round…


…and reeled in a second, vegetarian plate (I actually really liked the “blackened” broccolini!)


What’s better than birthday cake?


Birthday PIE!!!


Whole Foods’ Apple Crumble, served with frozen desserts…


…I had both (along with two slices)



Waiter, there’s a chocolate-coated-praline-pecan in my vegan ice cream



So nice to celebrate and catch up with old friends! I’ve known Jake for as long as Abe and I have been together (almost 15 years!!!) and it was fun to hear his eyewitness account of our first “date.”