The freezer is my friend. With a bonkers schedule like yesterday (when I had no time to go to the supermarket and zero desire to eat out/get delivery) I just pulled some veggies out of their cold slumber and let the oven do the work.


Brussels sprouts + butternut squash. Don’t even let it thaw. Just spray and season.


400 degrees, 50 minutes. Turn once, halfway. During the last ten – one of my all-time favorite Trader Joe’s products got thrown onto the sheet.


Bowl of yummy randomness…


…with a last-minute “sauce”


Dinner. Done.


There will be many more days like this – just found out I booked something that shoots soon!!! Can’t share the details on that yet, but I’m very excited…


…and am seriously buried in work!

More freezer munchies to aid memorization…


…I didn’t realize we still had these Holiday Pretzel Crisps til I cleared that bag of brussels


Reader Marije just tried these grapes for the first time and loved them – I have to say I prefer most of my fruits frozen now, especially with a hot cup of cocoa…


…I even like one of my post-meal candies chilled (Riesen lasts longer that way!)


Did you know there’s a fridge that’s mostly freezer? It’s called “The Freezerator!”


Perhaps it will be mine…ours has been making some really scary noises lately…


9 thoughts on “Freezerator

  1. fabfelita

    Yummy! Xo Felita
    I just started my blog – has my health updates. Would love your take on it, you and Michelle were the catalysts for me to start my blog! X

  2. Just Beachy

    I’m very curious about your fascination with frozen fruit. Doesn’t it bother your teeth in any way? Just looking at it makes my teeth stand on edge. Unless you let the frozen fruit to thaw in your mouth rather than chewing it?? I’d like to know!


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