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Oscar Buzz


Ahem. There is an Oscar on my mantle right now….

…okay…a chocolate one. Made by Wolfgang Puck.

(My cousins Mark and Jen attended the Academy Awards this year.)

I can’t bring myself to eat it. It’s sitting by my Asian Excellence Award, waiting to be replaced someday…by a real one, hopefully!

There is some exciting new cacao in my life, though…

…when I first saw these Raspberry M&M’s in my local drugstore, I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Went back the next day, and they’ve been sold out every single week. This morning I finally got my hands on a bag, and packed a few for an audition…

…I actually have two today – munched on this monster apple while driving all over town…

My parents are in town from NJ but I haven’t been able to see them yet because of all the acting stuff! I’m so lucky that they totally get the last-minute nature of my business…when I gave my acceptance speech for the AXAward above, I completely blanked and forgot to thank them – and my husband!!! But not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for their years of support and understanding.

Who would you like to thank today?

Nick of Time

bar - restaurant

Yesterday was my friend Nick’s birthday. With the exception of last year, we’ve celebrated annually with him since moving to Los Angeles. In 2010 we went to play pool, last night we gathered at Rosewood Tavern.



As you can see, the place was packed. Nick’s wife Meredith (the adorable redhead between the “V” and “E” below) arranged for us to have a cozy corner to ourselves.


At one point, an outside group infiltrated, but Abe got them to leave so we could serve the cake. We were all very impressed.



The entire bar serenaded Nick!



Chocolate from Sweet Lady Jane


…and Strawberry from Ralph’s Grocery


I started with super fancy time…


…but once I traded bites with Abe…


…I knew I had to have some more for myself.


Aside from the two slices of cake, I also noshed on a side of french fries…


…polished off most of the bowl:


I actually read a bad review of the water here, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was drinkable. But I still wound up nursing this ginormous Diet Coke most of the evening – probably the reason I’ve been up since 5am!


They might not receive accolades for their H20, but Rosewood Tavern won a Burger Award last night! Meredith agreed that it is quite excellent – and better than Umami’s


…you know what that means – I gotta get back there to try one for myself. But cake + fries = the perfect birthday celebration dinner. Reminds me of parties at the Bergenfield Roller Rink.

(Speaking of awards, there’s only two more days for The Kitchn’s Best Healthy Cooking Blog Nominations. Would love it if you took a second to vote for “The Actor’s Diet!”)

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Sandwich Iron

sandwich - trader joe's

If you read my post this morning on “Thick Dumpling Skin” you can probably guess what was on the menu for brunch!

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 1.50.12 PM.png

I made a Peanut Butter and Fig Syrup one, on Trader Joe’s Rustic Sourdough Bread


The other day, I made this same sandwich for Abe – waffle-ized


…he said it was delicious, but cleaning the iron with a Q-tip afterwards was not so fun.


This time, I tried wrapping it in foil to prevent mess…


…the lid doesn’t close the whole way, so you have to set a timer. I went with 5 minutes, since the bread was frozen.


Um…I guess I know why it’s called a waffle maker and not a sandwich one.


The bread never got crisp, either, just steamed.


Still, hot sandwiches are so much better than cold ones…


…but I think if I AM going to invest in a waffle iron, it will have to be one with a panini press too. There’s one by Cuisinart and another (cheaper) one by George Foreman. Does anyone have either, or another recommendation?

The Hummus Waffle

recipe - vegan

Did you know that yesterday was National Strawberry Day?


I celebrated. Julius just watched.


Hey, if you can’t fold the laundry, you don’t get the sweet stuff!!!


Because of the blog, I’m now aware that pretty much every day can be celebrated culinarily. With the astronomical nature of everything in cyberspace, I’m always shocked when there’s something food-related that I can’t find online.

I wanted to make a savory waffle for dinner, and wondered if hummus could be put in the batter. It seemed so logical to me, and yet I only found ONE post (ironically, by my blog buddy Sarena). There were a few about waffle falafel (using chickpea flour), a couple where you use hummus as “the syrup”, and only a couple for pancakes. I wound up following this one, and veganized it for y’all.

Used this Cayenne flavor from Majestic Garlic, which gave it a little kick.


Mixed and waited for Abe to come home from work (about an hour)


Cooked in Amy’s fancy iron on Medium Low…


…smeared with Creamy Garlic


You can use a fork, but they’re a lot more fun to devour with your fingers…


…light, fluffy, and definitely falafel-esque. If you have a waffle iron and some hummus, I highly recommend you whip up a batch!

Hummus Waffles (adapted from Tri to Cook; serves 2)

  • 1/2 cup white flour
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup + 2 TB Non-Sweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 TB ground flax seed
  • 1tsp olive oil
  • 1/3 cup hummus

Mix all the dry ingredients together in one bowl. Add the remaining ingredients, and stir to combine. The batter will be thick. Pour into a sprayed, preheated waffle iron and cook according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Wasn’t feeling incredibly hungry, so I ate a small plum for dessert –


Still craved chocolate. Whenever I see a new candy bar, I grab one and add it to my freezer stash.


The 3 Musketeers Coconut is still nougat-y and fluff-y. You won’t find any actual flakes inside.


So…I’m curious how many people found this post because you were searching for a hummus waffle recipe? Hopefully after this, many more people will make them, and there will be an internet revolution.


Actually just woke up to discover today is Pancake Day (at IHOP). I still think you should make hummus waffles!!!

Ina, Ira, and I

podcast - TV shows

So you guys really convinced me that I need a mouth guard! I was up bright and early to get fitted at Dr. Stahle’s. This time the television was turned to The Food Network, and “The Barefoot Contessa” was on. I rarely follow her recipes (she uses a lot of meat, and takes that stand mixer/food processor out waaaay too often for me) but I perked up when I watched her make a no-stir risotto – IN THE OVEN…


…also a particularly captivating episode of “This American Life” on the drive to/from Beverly Hills. I’ve been supporting this podcast for years, and have felt it’s become very hit or miss lately. I admit that I haven’t been listening as regularly, but “Play the Part” has totally brought me back!


My blog has just been nominated for The Kitchn’s “Best Healthy Cooking Blog” so for all you first-time visitors who are scrolling down, confused, I want to be honest and admit that I rarely cook from scratch (the last thing I can think of was caramelized onions, and those were done in the crockpot).

But just so you have a sense of what I DO blog about, here are some of my favorite posts from 2012 thus far – everything from restaurant reviews, to thoughts on positive body image, to the behind-the-scenes life of an actor:

Basically, this is an online journal, where I occasionally share my personal views, but mostly show what I eat (yes, EVERYTHING).

Even the leftover poop pie I had for breakfast:



(That dude in the back is Julius. He doesn’t blog, but he does update his Facebook page frequently!)


Like Ira and Ina, I am not always 100% captivating, but would still love it if you took a second to vote for “The Actor’s Diet!”