House Odors

Ahhhh! How glorious to wake up smelling roses – thanks again Phil and Joanna!


We walked into Larchmont this morning. Picked up some 1/2 off Cornbread Muffins from BabyCakes


…then swung by the Larchmont Farmer’s Market – Abe was inspired by a recipe I posted on T.A.D.’s Facebook page and requested cauliflower


(Noshed on a whole bunch of fruit samples too)

Picnik collage.jpg

Back home, I decided to clear some room for our fresh, new produce – too many of these guys sitting on the counter…


…I never have the patience to make Caramelized Onions, but my crockpot does!

There are lots of recipes on how to do this online – most of them require anywhere from 8-12 hours on low; I am living dangerously and setting mine on high, because I can’t wait til 11pm for dinner!


Also veganizing my version with coconut oil – will post the recipe later if the experiment goes well!!!


It’s only been a few hours, but the house already reeks of onion – sorry, flowers!



I escaped the stink by reading on the porch. Look what’s in the latest issue of KoreAm – an entire article on Asian Fit Glasses, which I never even heard of last week:


(Check out who’s on page 48 too!)


What does your place usually smell like? I remember growing up how remarkably pungent other people’s houses were to me – my piano teacher’s was like Murphy’s Soap, my babysitter’s was like melted American Cheese…it seems like most homes I visit now don’t have any fragrance – did my sense of smell die or did people stop cleaning/cooking?!?


12 thoughts on “House Odors

  1. Cindy

    Right now my house smells like wet oil paint, which always makes me happy. In another hour or so, it will smell like garlic and ginger, which will also make me happy.

  2. topangagurl

    Thank you for the lovely FM pics! you know how I love them so…
    Ok – growing up in Toronto, I had such a melting pot of friends – some houses smelt like curry (mine on occassion as my Mum is Indian and Scottish)…some like flowers, some like bread (my Italian friends)…and some like an Eastern Block house…I had many friends from Russia, and the Slov’s…our house today smells like essential oil cleaner, sweet potato fries (made them for Rob’s dinner before Hockey) and wine :)….earlier it smelt like vinegar as we were removing some wall paper that his ex-wife decided she would freakin’ superglue to the walls in the guest bathroom!

  3. glidingcalm

    haha I always laugh to myself when I walk into my parents’ house and know that someone has cooked salmon the night before… or just eaten something like natto. Hilarious.

    love me some cooked onions! I had some tonight that I cooked in buttah leftover from a sauteed organic chicken breast!

  4. Michelle

    I vividly remember the smells of other people’s houses and school from when I was a kid. I don’t notice the smells of these places now though. Unless someone is cooking or has a candle burning while I’m in their house, I don’t really notice the smell. I thought I was alone in this.

  5. Jaime Sutton Schaden

    I think now people strive to have odorless homes. I prefer mine to smell like “fresh linen” but usually it smells like whatever i’m cooking – last night it was an orange/lemon/rosemary chicken.

  6. alicia

    I love a clean smelling house for sure. Whenever I cook something smelly, I always open the windows and plug in a scented Frebreeze air freshner to get rid of the cooking smell. But the same does not hold true for baking… the smell of all baked goods. They make the house smell soooo good too.


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