Wax On, Wax Off

Well, well, well. My baking mystery has been solved – apparently wax paper should NOT be used in the oven – and is probably why my smoke alarm kept going off! The crumbles I had saved back home wound up getting tossed, but the safe versions that I brought to book club last night were a big hit!


Fit in nicely with all its other snack friends:


I focused on the crackers…




…chips n salsa…


…TJ’s cheesy tarts (this is my second time having these and I’ve still never seen them at the store, so I’m not quite sure what they really are)


My two (mostly savory) bowls…



…and then came the sweets!


Look for a review on Shari’s Berries in an upcoming Dessert Darling Review…


…that’s who hosted/organized the Book Club – this is her 3rd year!!!


We actually didn’t end up talking much about the book – funny, because that’s what also happened in “Nice Girl’s Crew” (we just got a lovely shootout on SheWired!)

Mostly we mingled…


…and chilled with the pups…


…surprisingly, there wasn’t a ton of candy either. Just these two bags:


True to the title of the book, I was the one who volunteered to take these them home. Such a candy freak.


7 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off

  1. Marije

    Oh my god..I know it’s about the great food you are talking about, which basically looks delicious (I’m getting hungry and it’s past midnight around here, so I should control myself), but look at those dogs. They are so sweet..I’m sorry, I’m a huge dog fan 🙂 Ow and about those peanut butter cups. They are great! But rare in Holland…it’s a shame. Enjoy!

  2. Emily

    Aww- all of the puppies are adorable! I’m sure they enjoyed the get together as well. Although, I highly doubt their treats were as tasty as the ones you guys enjoyed!

  3. ecmalfoy

    The TJ’s cheesy tarts are feta cheese and caramelized onion pastries and they’re usually in the same section as the frozen mushroom turnovers/”shu mai”/pizza. i’ve had them before and i like them 🙂

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