Use Your Noodle

Remember the Onigiri Contest? Last night I was thanked for my judging services with an amazing meal at Breadbar!  Artisan soba maker Sonoko Sakai invited us in for some stone milled, organically grown, hand cut buckwheat noodles.



Ordered mine with Hot Mushroom Seiro – Tokyo Negi (onions), and Yuzu


Unlike the ramen I ate at Breadbar’s last pop-up noodle series, these get dunked in a separate seasoning, rather than arriving in a large bowl of soup.


Abe asked for a Walnut Dipping Sauce – we traded bites. Both were uniquely delicious!


(I left half of the soup – it got cold pretty fast.)


Small samples of Kabocha were passed around (and I was reminded why I need to roast another pumpkin STAT!)


Shared the Shira-ae Salad


Green Beans, Golden Beets, Fuji Apple, Tofu, Sesame, and Cashew Nuts. We decided to leave off the cream….


…in fact, most of the items could be vegan-ized!


You only have until January 22nd to experience the Breadbar’s regular menu is available (as it is during the pop-up)


On the way back to our cars, I wanted Pinkberry. Like REALLY wanted it, despite the cold weather (and their recent controversy)…


…ever since I found out that their amazing Peanut Butter flavor is being discontinued, I’ve been craving it!!!


Sometimes I can’t think with my head when it comes to forbidden fruit….


…or maybe there’s really no such thing as bad publicity?


12 thoughts on “Use Your Noodle

  1. hippierunner

    I read that article in the LA Times and it made me glad I’ve always avoided pinkberry. That man sounds like a monster! I will stick to making frozen banana-peanut butter concoctions at home. 🙂

  2. Teresapalooza!!

    Yipes, I had no idea about the controversy! Sounds like he’s not right in a head – an explicit tattoo made him chase a man down and beat him up? Yuck – why can’t he be shiny and happy like his yogurt?

  3. Caitlin C.

    That Pinkberry just ignited a froyo craving in me! I will have to read that article, haven’t seen it yet. Opened it in the next tab!

  4. Brigid

    Those noodles look and sound incredible! The pop-up is in Century City? We may have to go over there this weekend. I haven’t felt like Asian noodles in a long time, but your pics totally incited a craving.

  5. Alice

    ooo i missed the ramen popup! must check out this soba one 🙂 I usually prefer my zarusoba with cold dipping sauces or tsuyu, but warm soup sounds delicious!

  6. Natasha

    Of all your food posts – this one appealed to me the most Lynn…I adore soup and noodles…AND loved the dessert selection…le sigh….

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      they really were divine! if you ever get the chance to have homemade soba, grab it!

  7. Nicole

    I hadn’t heard that about Pinkberry, but that’s not surprising considering the closest one to me is eight hours away. When I visited LA a few years ago I had Pinkberry every day I was there, no froyo in the midwest compares.

  8. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident

    I love pink berry! i wish there was one closer to my house. I never have it, but when I see one, I always stop!

  9. SkinnyRunner

    ive never had pinkberry, i always choose yogurtland because i like the self serve idea. i gotta go read up on the controversy now since i dont know about it.

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i prefer the self-serve at yogurtland too but man oh man Pinkberry’s flavors TASTE so much better (and I prefer their toppings too)

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