Reunited (and it Tastes So Good)

In the last six years, I’ve walked by Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese almost every day…


…and have always adored (and recommended) their super popular sandwiches…


…yet this is my first time blogging about them?!? Has it really been almost THREE YEARS since I’ve eaten one???


Today I had plans for coffee with my “Nice Girls Crew” director Tanuj, which quickly morphed into a lunch meeting


Slide up to the gourmet deli counter (and usually wait on a long line – luckily we came at the right time, 11:45)…


…and place a half/whole order on your choice of either ciabatta or baguette (both are wonderful)


I opted for the latter – a full order of the #6 (vegan!)…


…they can be really heavy-handed with the olive oil here; I asked for none, since there was fat from the avocado and the tapenade has plenty of flavor


Took half of this baby home for Abe…


…Tanuj and I also split these Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Chips


The sandwiches come with cornichons + olives too



Are there places you love and live nearby but never go to???

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  • topangagurl

    Ok. I really like this too…as I am a bread whore to the power of 10!

  • Gail

    I wish such a place existed near where I live. The sandwiches look delicious, and I am suddenly craving those chips. Will you be stopping by regularly now? I love reading about your culinary adventures along with your exciting cinematic life.

  • allie@sweetpotatobites

    i have been there before – the sandwiches are quite delicious! love the cornichons on the side too!

  • emily (a nutritionist eats)

    I haven’t been there in a month or two, but I keep thinking about it! Need to head back ASAP!

  • sassyorangejuice

    I have driven passed a cafe everyday for months just down the road from. Finally we tried brekkie there last week – and it was so good!

  • Annie

    there’s a sandwich shop right near my house but the line is always super long so i never go =(

    i do miss it though but last time i waited 45 minutes for my sandwich!

  • Annie G.

    Somewhat unrelated to your ending question, but I went to Starry Kitchen today for the first time after picking through your list of downtown haunts! Your friend/the owner was so nice!!! (And I told him you pseudo-referred us) Those spring rolls they’ve got are the bomb dot com.

    Thanks Lynn for putting Starry Kitchen on MY to do list! :)

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      so good, right? i’m glad you liked it – reminder that i need to go again soon!

  • julie

    i feel like in my life there are an insane amount of places i’ve walked by and go ‘oh i want to try that’ and oh i want to go there but why do we always go back to the same places! dammit i’m going to a new place this weekend. haha thanks girl!

  • marcuschung

    I love cornichons. They’re infinitely more sophisticated than pickles and I can pretend I’m all French and snobby.