Practical Shopper

On Wednesday, I stopped by Macy’s to stock up on my favorite makeup remover before the shoot. I’m so practical.

On the way to the restroom, I happened upon the bag section.

Cute. But not practical.

Hello, dream bag…

…this price could’ve been more outrageous, actually…

…still, I’m a very practical (ahem, cheap) shopper.

Sale pile:

Went with black – I don’t have any large black bags at all!


Are you a practical shopper?


11 thoughts on “Practical Shopper

  1. chezjulie

    Normally, yes. I spent $200.00 on a bag once and still haven’t gotten over the guilt. At least it is a good bag and I am carrying it for a second winter!

  2. Ellen

    I have such a hard time buying clothes. If I don’t absolutely love something, I don’t buy. I go downtown to the fashion district to stock up on my “uniform”-black stockings, black tank, simple black skirt, but it takes a lot for me to purchase stuff outside the box.

  3. Joy

    I am super practical when shopping but sometimes I’m dumb… Like when the tube socks my husband likes we’re on sale for 90% off for a pack of 10 I bought 10 packs (because I figured it was like buying one package) 100 new pairs of socks might be overkill

  4. Vivian

    I have my moments. Sometimes I’m practical, sometimes I’m not. It’s terrible on my bank account lol. I’d definitely splurge on a good bag if I find one I really like though…although the cheaper ones are great on my wallet, they do tend to wear out quite fast, especially for daily use.

    With that said – Marc by Marc Jacobs costs so much more than that where I live. Boo. =(

  5. anne

    Great buy! Cute bag. I try to be practical with my clothes, so that I can get what I want for shoes & bags- since I wear them season after season. The investment pieces always end up paying for themselves since I wear them so much!

  6. topangagurl

    Damn straight I’m a practical shopper – !! Love vintage finds, and also estate sales stuff – there is a store here called “Value Village” – it’s all used – but I have found some seriously beautiful trinkets…Love TJ Maxx and outlet stores…I worked for Macy’s in Santa Monica – and truth be told – the mark up on what they carry is CA-Razy! LA is a shopping mecca…you CAN look good and save $$$…it’s al about where to look! dig the bag Lynn

  7. Megan

    I won’t buy something I don’t absolutely love. If I leave the store and I’m still thinking about it a week later I will go back and buy it. Sometimes I lose the item because it’s already been sold.

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