Rice and Pie


The Art in the Streets!


There was everything from Mochitsuki (a traditional rice cake pounding ceremony) to a demonstration by Candy Artist Shan Ichiyanagi…


…took home one of his very sweet little penguins –


In the midst of all that fun, I had a job to do…


…judging the Onigiri Contest (sponsored by Russ Parsons, Sunny Blue shop owner Keiko Nakashima, and fellow food bloggers The Ravenous Couple.


We narrowed it down to six…


…here are some of the winners:





Afterwards, Abe and I headed down the street to a place I’ve been wanting to try since it opened this past fall:


The Pie Hole is not only run by a family from my home state, but a tiny town close to where Abe grew up! Rebecca (the matriarch and recipe holder) won the NJ State Fair “Best Pie” award seven years in a row. My expectations were very high.


We arrived around 5pm, just as they were running out of menu items.


Lucky for us, they still had plenty of this flavor!



We split both. First, the Mac N Cheese –


As good as it sounds – chewy, crispy, crumbly, creamy. Just needed a little salt.


But this sweet slice took the cake – er, pie. I actually cursed out loud when I took my first bite.


Crust perfection! This is exactly what I wanted the Momofuku Crack Pie to taste like. (<—- It’s so much better)


I don’t usually make resolutions, but this is definitely one of them:


I got inspired (ins-pie-ered) and couldn’t stop thinking of flavors.

My midnight snack was a nice combo – apples and cocoa? I also had rice on the brain from staring at it all day – maybe a rice pudding pie? Or a savory risotto-filled one?


What would be in your ideal pie?


14 thoughts on “Rice and Pie

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      donuts – agreed. anything that will give me an excuse to eat more sugar for breakfast, basically…

  1. Diane Beebe

    I cursed just looking at the picture……but then I like to curse…..lol. I have an ongoing list of L.A. places to eat……..the Pie Hole has just been added to the list!

  2. kristel

    I’m so bummed I missed all the festivities in Little Tokyo yesterday! I wanted to go, but I was sick :'( It looks like a lot of fun, though! The musubis are soo cute.

    Those pies are making me drool. I will add it to my to-eat list. Have you tried I Heart Pies? They have these really cute (and delicious) mini pies that I randomly crave.

  3. Teresapalooza!!

    Wasn’t this the name of the Pie place in Pushing Daisies? Sigh – I loved that show…

    Have to try this place. Ever since I saw that indie film Waitress, I have a romantic view of making and eating pie!

  4. angela

    Wow! I should have gone to downtown on Sunday. Definitely looks like you had an awesome day. Also, so glad you wrote about the pie place because I’ve been wanting to check that place out… now I will!

  5. Esi

    I made crack pie before and thought it was insanely good which was a surprise because it is so sweet and I don’t normally like things that sweet. I’ve heard mixed things about Pie Hole, but I would check it out for that mac and cheese pie.

  6. Caitlin C.

    That looks crazy good! I’m more interested in the mac n cheese “pie” because I’ve been craving savory like mad lately, so I’d like to try their other savory pies. What’s in the Pocket Pie??

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i think the pocket pie changes – but yesterday it had burrata and tomato in it!

  7. Cindy

    My favorite pie is the one that is on my plate. I think I should resolve to make more pie…may have to give your risotto pie a shot. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  8. Melissa @TryingtoHeal

    Ah, that is such a fun festival! I wish I would have known about it; that would have been fun!!!

  9. Monet

    I’ve always talked about opening a pie shop 🙂 And I loved seeing all those creations! The penguin was too cute! Thank you for the lovely post. After a very stressful day, I’m finally sitting down to tea, and it is so relaxing to see these delicious eats and read your words. I hope you are having a blessed start to your new year. Much love from Austin!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      monet – you should TOTALLY open a pie shop! i’d come all the way to austin for it!

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