Did you know I wear glasses? Well, actually, I (mostly) wear contacts. I’ve had horrible eyesight since elementary school.

12 years ago, I had a corneal ulcer from sleeping with my lenses in overnight, and since that very painful (and scary) experience I NEVER skimp on my ocular health, even when I’m struggling financially without insurance.

I’ve always liked the optometrist. Vision and hearing tests were always kinda fun for me as a kid (probably because I got to skip Phys Ed to take them).

My appointment was at 11, so I waited til afterwards for brunch.

Paleta meal bits – these Wild Mushroom and Black Bean Cakes were fabulous!

Leftover salad from last night’s impromptu dinner too

Just took Julius for a quick walk…

…going out of my way to run errands in a different part of town; see if I can make an Artist’s Date out of this gorgeous day!!!

Do you wear glasses/contacts?


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  1. kristel

    I started wearing glasses during my freshman year of college. Could never wear contacts because the idea of touching my eyeballs makes me feel oogy. In fact, just thinking about it just now made me feel oogy.

    Glasses can be so expensive, but I noticed there are a lot of sites popping up now that offer “cool” prescription glasses for under $100. Have you tried Bonlook.com? They have some cute frames πŸ™‚

  2. Cindy

    Glasses…you know that. Blind enough to have Thelma moments if I ever leave my glasses in some random spot. Have to laugh at how ridiculous I feel crawling all over the living room floor with my face inches from every surface. ’cause it’s funny.
    Haven’t been able to wear contacts since 10th grade. Miss them.

  3. Megan

    Those mushroom and bean cakes look amazing!

    I wear contacts. I didn’t get them for the longest time because I am not big on putting things in my eyes. Now, it is no problem, but I am considering lasik so I don’t have to deal with them all the time.

  4. aspiringeverything

    I’ve worn glasses since grade school. Or I’ve had glasses since grade school. I started wearing them in high school. I’ve wanted to switch to contacts for a while but I’m nervous about it. If I do switch, now I know not to get ones that can stay in overnight.

  5. pure2rawtwins

    I have really bad sight, started in college and seems to get worse. I have not been to an eye doctor in 3 years, and I really did to go because contacts are outdated. It is hard without insurance, so I thank you for the reminder!!

  6. Kamaile

    The food looks really fresh. I love having artists dates…reminds me i need to start doing morning pages again. Julius looks so smart like my Scully (schnauzer). I scringed reading about you eye! I slept in my contacts once and I couldnt remove it, but I did. I’ve had LASIK since 1998 & I love it. I wish they had all the cool hipster glasses back when I wore glasses. Nope all mine were brown & fug!!

  7. Stephanie C

    I can’t do contacts. Aside from the weirdness of touching my eye, I’m afraid I’ll forget about them and sleep in them, also a friend just told me her contact MIGRATED to the back of her eye and she couldn’t get it out. It’s eye glasses or lasik for me!

  8. Zee

    I too some time sleep with my contacts on and I am mostly wearing them throughout the day but you said you got corneal ulcer??? I am scared now!
    I have been using lenses since 8 years now and glasses since I was in school and I am just 24!

  9. Julian

    I started wearing contacts my junior year in college. I too was scared to have something in my eyes but after a while I got used to it.

    Quick question: Is the comfort level the same for you when you are staring at a computer while wearing contacts? I find the screen a bit intensified and uncomfortable with my contacts on vs. when I wear my glasses, which feel natural and comfy for me.

    Also, when you’re doing a film on set, do your contacts ever bother you? I sometimes find it hard to focus because my eyes get tired from wearing contacts for more than a few hours. I wonder if there are any solutions for that.

    Thanks Lynn!


  10. Pam

    I had contacts, then got lasik done…BEST thing I ever did..I was scary on the first eye, then after that it was no big deal, as I knew what was gonna happen…I was in and out within 30 minutes. Driving the next day..You should have it done…fantastic move on my part..now I don’t have to worry about glasses, taking my contacts out when I sleep…can’t seeing the clock when you look at it in the morning.

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  12. Darcee

    I’ve worn glasses since the 6th grade. When I was in High School, I switched to contacts, but ended up having an awful reaction to them. Ditched them for glasses again, through most of my 20’s. When I got good vision insurance, and could afford both, I opted for contacts again.

    Now, I wear glasses at home and on work days (12 hour shifts as a nurse in a hospital=dry air and irritated eyes with contacts). I love my funky chunky black glasses:) If I’m out and about on a day off, I wear my contacts though. The sun in California is bright, and my eyes are sensitive to it, so I wear my contacts so I can wear my sunglasses.

  13. Brigid

    I much prefer wearing my contacts, but they get so dry out here in LA that I’ve been getting more migraines, so I’m back on my glasses (with the ancient prescription) until I can get to an eye doc. The best part is that X stepped on them twice recently, so they are all jank.

  14. alex

    I learned the exact same lesson in college! struggled with corneal ulcers and have been so much better ever since. what a tough way to learn a lesson though!

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