January 3, 2012

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Did you know I wear glasses? Well, actually, I (mostly) wear contacts. I’ve had horrible eyesight since elementary school.

12 years ago, I had a corneal ulcer from sleeping with my lenses in overnight, and since that very painful (and scary) experience I NEVER skimp on my ocular health, even when I’m struggling financially without insurance.

I’ve always liked the optometrist. Vision and hearing tests were always kinda fun for me as a kid (probably because I got to skip Phys Ed to take them).

My appointment was at 11, so I waited til afterwards for brunch.

Paleta meal bits – these Wild Mushroom and Black Bean Cakes were fabulous!

Leftover salad from last night’s impromptu dinner too

Just took Julius for a quick walk…

…going out of my way to run errands in a different part of town; see if I can make an Artist’s Date out of this gorgeous day!!!

Do you wear glasses/contacts?

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