Holiday Chai Gingerbread

Trader Joe’s Gingerbread made with Chai Tea = Chai Gingerbread for Christmas

I’m still feeling the Holiday spirit.  Let’s make some Chai Gingerbread!



Okay, basically all I do is add a Chai Tea Bag to the water portion of this Gingerbread Mix by Trader Joe’s.  It is one of my favorite seasonal products there – it always tastes exactly the way I want my gingerbread to taste.


Sampling a little of the finished product, and to be honest, I don’t taste any extra spice.


Larchmont has a new arrival – BabyCakes Bakery!  Unfortunately, I was on a walk with Julius this morning and had no wallet, so I didn’t buy anything. But I definitely plan on coming back when I have money, things are less crazy at the store, and Abe can join me. (Like tomorrow, most likely.)


I’ve been anticipating the opening of Babycakes for months.


Every time I go to the downtown location, they are all sold out of the good stuff, so I’m psyched to have one within walking distance that I can pop into during my morning walk.


Even founder Erin McKenna is there…


…making those allergen-free donuts herself…


…she and the rest of her staff seem a little overwhelmed – they’re very popular already!!!



5 thoughts on “Holiday Chai Gingerbread

  1. booradlee

    I am thrilled to hear about babycakes! I have tried and failed at finding the other location. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Jolene (

    Donuts are HUGE right now! I love it! I got a donut pan in my stocking and made some yesterday – they were fabulous. I have never been to a Babycakes before, but it looks good!

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