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For six nights, we called the W New Orleans home

The Poydras Street location; not to be confused with the one in the French Quarter, which is much smaller!

Not quite as festive as the Ritz Carlton (where we stayed last year) but the common areas are a lot more chill and spacious during the day.

The beds/sheets are comfy…

…and the rooms are a nice size. They’ll bring you an extra fridge too – which came in handy for leftovers.

Best bath products ever – I’ve stocked up on all the face washes!!!

Very grateful for daily free apples…

…and the delicious water too (which turns into sweet tea late in the afternoon, then disappears at night)

Those are all the pros. Unfortunately, there have been a number of cons.

The gym looks beautiful, but 1/2 the machines are broken. (Yes, I actually “worked out” one day.)

And the complimentary headsets don’t fit in the TV’s, so I just watched hundreds of silent, dancing Santa Clauses.

A lot of little problems (leaking shower, sloppy maid service, outdated iPod deck, no cotton balls/Q-tips, thin walls and loud neighbors) but also some big ones. The main issues being that we had to get our key cards re-done about a hundred times, and the walls in my in-laws’ room kept rattling from the heat.

The staff couldn’t have been friendlier/accommodating, it’s just that I expected a little more from the W chain, which have always been of a certain standard.

Then again, I’ve never actually stayed in one before – this is just from what I’ve heard from others!

Flipping Through Magazine

snacks - travel

Three hours to kill before our evening flight – we took the streetcar up St. Charles and walked back on Magazine Street

Love this neighborhood! Never got a chance to explore it last year.

Remember my Shaved Ice obsession? One type I’ve been curious about is the New Orleans Sno-Ball

…wasn’t hungry at all from lunch at Cochon, though….

…so Abe played guinea pig and taste-tested one for the blog.

A kiddie-sized Strawberry…

…SWEEEEET. Not his thing, and I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be mine, either.

After our long walk, we picked up our luggage and headed to the airport.

Preflight snacks…

…1/2 this bag…

Zapp’s Sweet Potato Chips taste really different from all their other flavors – probably because they’re “all natural”

We made it home 1am Big Easy time – I readjusted to Los Angeles with my usual 11pm hot cocoa. (Haven’t had a cup in 6 days!)

Miss ya already, NOLA.