Cochon New Orleans

My last New Orleans Meal at Cochon Restaurant.

I’m saving room for my final New Orleans meal at Cochon.


I had to make reservations for this place last week (they were booked the whole time!) and we arrived just as they opened.




IMG_3628Despite its name (and menu) there are a number of veggie-friendly items. The waiter is super knowledgable and helped us navigate the menu.



Meat for moi – Braised Pork Cheeks…


…with sauerkraut potato cakes, applesauce, and goat feta. Yummy, but seriously paled in comparison to the pork dish from Domenica.


I had just a small taste of Abe’s…


These are the Pumpkin Calas (essentially, a pancake/fritter) with pickled radishes, apples, and toasted pecans.


Macaroni and Cheese Casserole.


All three of these complimentary rolls got eaten by me – since they’re made with animal fat.


Good, but Abe really wasn’t missing out anything. (In fact, I liked the bread at The Chimes better, which means I’ve probably just lost my New Orleans readership.)



Almost too full for sweets. Almost.  While we waited for dessert, I tried a sip of Abe’s “bootleg” Dr. Pepper. Not bad, but $5 for 8 ounces is a bit steep in my opinion…


…especially when for $3 more you can eat one of the best desserts ever!

This is Cochon’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake made with Cornmeal, and drizzled with Dulce de Leche.


The coconut lime sorbet crumbles like ricotta!


Surprisingly (or maybe not so shocking, considering this is me we’re talking about) dessert is BY FAR my favorite.


I guess I had this place hyped up – it was on every foodie/blogger list, with a big celeb following and hard-to-get reservations. But honestly, I’ve experienced much better meals on this trip (with double the portions and half the price) and feel there are a lot of equal/similar places in Los Angeles I can eat at regularly (Animal and Salt’s Cure come to mind).


8 thoughts on “Cochon New Orleans

  1. Molly

    wow! i can’t believe they served Dublin Dr. Pepper! They are made in this TINY town in Texas (called Dublin)— and of course made with pure sugar and not the syrup-y stuff! fun!

  2. Diane Beebe

    hahahaha…..loving the New Orleans posts….and since I haven’t eaten at half the places in LALA Land that you have the food in New Orleans looks INCREDIBLE!!! If I don’t get a beignet soon I will splode!!!

  3. Lauren

    Oh good gracious this all looks delicious! I love the rolls dipped in mac and cheese…you are definitely on to something there. 🙂

  4. Stacy @ Say It With Sprinkles

    I always love your NOLA posts! I would love to be able to visit some day soon! =)

  5. vanillasugarblog

    i’m going to pretend i did NOT see this post, this way we can still be friends.
    lucky you for hitting up cochon!! oh yes
    and I want that MUG!

  6. Tasos Apartmani

    Nice photos, prices also 🙂 These Braised Pork Cheeks look so light and tasty, go for it

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