Baton Twirling

The view from my hotel window yesterday morning:

Abe and I decided to rent a car and hit the road!

There really isn’t much to see in Baton Rouge, other than their awesome signs…

…and impressive university…

…still can’t believe these are frat/sorority houses.

But what boggled my mind was this

…was NOT expecting to meet Mike at all!!!

After looking up nearby places on Yelp, we decided to grab lunch at The Chimes.

Still super full from my X-mas and Birthday feasts, but felt I must order some Red Beans n Rice; one more item off my Big Easy Bucket List (jambalaya, po boy, oyster dressing, and étouffée are all that’s left)

It came with a sad-looking salad – only a few bites, mostly to try the Tabasco Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette

My meal was surprisingly great –

…especially this roll! I wasn’t going to waste stomach room on it, but once I dug my fingers in, I couldn’t stop. Soft, squishy, warm, and almost biscuit-ish!

Abe’s Veggie Sandwich wasn’t as impressive – I had a bite and a handful of french fries

Since we still had the car rental, I had Abe drive around all the places in New Orleans that I want to try, but are too far to walk to.

Just a fantasy. They were all closed.

Not that I could’ve eaten anything, anyway! Wound up just having an apple for dinner…

…and 1/2 a Hubig’s pie for dessert

Sweet Potato!

What was your school’s mascot? High school – Cougars, College – Cardinals. Definitely no live animals.

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