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The Actor’s Diet Interview with Josie Davis


Josie Davis has been acting all of her life, since the age of 3.  I loved watching her on Charles in Charge and the original Beverly Hills 90210;  her resume since then has been quite impressive!  In addition to a busy acting career, Josie is involved in many different charities, especially volunteer work with animals.

You’ve grown up in front of the camera.  How has the food on sets changed throughout the years?

There is more fruit and nuts etc. – less doughnuts and desserts. But candy seems to always be there. The crew likes it to keep them going and they grab it quickly since they don’t get breaks. Protein is pretty hard to come by, so I always request yogurt and turkey.

What’s your go-to crafts service snack?

Turkey sandwich if I’m hungry (only one piece of bread), a yogurt, or a hot chocolate, a tad of coffee, fruit…a bite of something “bad”…depending on what I’m craving or how good the “bad thing” is.  Cereal, if it’s high in fiber…but just a little bit.

What’s a typical day’s eats look like for you when you’re working?  How about when you’re not?

I eat the same, no matter what. I have a probiotic drink, then maybe green tea or coffee. I have either a plant protein drink with blueberries, water, and almond milk; or egg scramble with spinach, grated parmesan cheese; steel-cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries added or a piece of Ezekiel toast and jam (natural jam and Canola oil butter). For lunch, a turkey melt on one piece of Ezekiel, with Canola or Olive oil mayonnaise, a piece of lowfat provolone cheese, and either tomato soup or a sauce I love that is ketchup, mustard and relish (Vivi’s Original Sauce) and a dark green salad with cucumber, lemon, olive oil, and a little grated parmesan. Dinner can be my lunch described above if I didn’t have it for lunch, or salmon and salad or grilled vegetables. I eat artichokes that I steam. Love Turbot (a whitefish). I make an Indian stew quite often and add extra kidney beans, a bit of hummus on top. I try to eat a lot of vegetables if I can, along with a protein. Don’t eat pastas etc. often. Or “bad” desserts. I will gain weight from it. Sometimes Almond milk with Stevia and cinnamon as a dessert…fruit…

Any food products you’re currently obsessed with?

Right now I’m dying over caramel apples. Ugh. Have to be careful. Sugar feeds cancer and that scares me. There’s nothing positive about “bad” sugar!  I heavily rely on stevia (by the best co: “KAL“) and vanilla almond milk from Trader Joe’s. They also have a new drinkable liquid yogurt that’s great when I don’t have time to eat right away.

Do you diet?

I do not diet. I watch what I eat, and try to incorporate enough protein, fat, and complex carbs. But if I am going to eat pizza or pasta for dinner at a restaurant, I will maybe only have a protein drink for lunch that day. I can’t eat pizza without seeing it soon, so I have to be more strict around that time…IF I can!

Do you exercise?            

God, yes! I also socialize a lot at my gym, ha ha.  I HAVE to keep it fun. Not a fan of working out, except for the results I see. That’s exciting. Need good music to keep me into it, as well.

Eating while filming a scene – how do you handle it?

I rarely have had to eat.  If I do, I eat for real. Always.

Do you change your diet when you have to show a lot of your body?  I’m thinking specifically about your “Two and a Half Men episode” – can you share what you did to prep for that outfit???

Ha Ha. I didn’t do anything different. I had no idea what I was going to wear. I actually showed more skin in the opening scene with the tank top and short shorts. I’m not like a model who only has a liquid diet or something days before the “big day.”  I try to always eat well and work out. I just seem to do more arms at the gym, for example, if I have to play a professional mountain climber or something.

How do you deal with negative criticism about your physical looks?

I don’t get any, except…just because I have a couple of nice assets I was blessed with, I notice that people heavily judge me and insist that whatever they admire must be fake. I’m always asked if I have butt implants or micrdermabrasian, etc.  I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to criticize anyone’s looks…I suppose if I gained a ton, someone would say something. I just think being healthy and active are key. I don’t bake in the sun – never have, I drink a lot of water, but do NOT drink any sodas, alcohol often, ever smoke, or do drugs. I believe I look healthy because I am. People don’t want to have to be strict with themselves so they often don’t choose to believe when I say that.  Sunscreen, and bed by about 10pm is the key!

Favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?


Pizza on Earth

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After last year’s MASSIVE FAIL, I was determined to make 2011’s dinner extraordinary. Started emailing restaurants all the way back in June, before anyone knew if they’d even be open!

Once I saw the Unique Eats episode featuring Domenica, I contacted Chef Alon Shaya to see what the story was. He assured me their regular a la carte options would be available…

…in addition to two special tasting menus – Chanukah

…and Reveillon:

By the way, both of these were NOT mandatory as they were at virtually every other restaurant I spoke to (and they cost less, too).

The ambiance was lively and beautiful…

…and the food?!? Let’s just say when the charming Chef Shaya came by to introduce himself, we all broke into spontaneous applause.

Everything – every freaking thing – was incredible. And as you guys know, I regularly consume A LOT of fantastic food, so I don’t say this lightly. This was, without a doubt, one of the most delicious meals of the year.

Starting with the bread!

I had a single piece…

…no olive oil for me – too spicy!!!

Appetizers – Fresh Ricotta with date and pecan pesto on grilled country bread

Herb Roasted Pork Ribs on soft polenta, with lemon and stewed greens


I used an extra piece of bread to sop up all the extra bits.

And then came Christmas dinner!!!!

I asked for all their Contorni Dishes – Sweet Potatoes with Rosemary butter and Louisiana Cane Syrup…

…Fried Tuscan Kale with lemon and parmigiano reggiano (ORDER THIS)…

…Polenta with olive oil and roasted cherry tomatoes…

…Brussels Sprouts with guanciale…

…Rapini with garlic and pecorino

Everything was shared, including the main dishes – a Whole Grilled Branzino with lemon and herbs…

…Black Squid Ink Taglioni with Blue Crab (another absolute MUST)…

…and of course, the pizzas I saw on TV, which DID NOT disappoint.

The Enzo (hold the anchovies) with tomatoes, garlic, and mortadella….

…and Wild Mushroom with tomato, fontina, and yard egg (sans bacon)

My three plates –

I thought my stomach couldn’t handle another bite, but then dessert appeared.

Banana Zuppa Ingles – a moist banana cake with butterscotch mousse and peanut brittle

Gianduja Budino – Chocolate and Hazelnut pudding with candied hazelnuts

The Spiced Apple Cake “Al Cartoccio” – baked in parchment and unwrapped at the table…

…just like a Christmas present!

Served with buttermilk gelato

Remember how I said I was full? Somehow made room for two more rounds.

If you’ve watched my 2009 video, you know my Christmas dinners have always been Chinese food – but I’m beginning to think I need to add some Italian now too!

Hope your December 25th was amazing and delicious, whether you celebrated or not!

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