The Girl with the Bacon Sundae

When trying to decide where to eat for my 35th birthday in New Orleans, there was only one restaurant on my mind…

…Green Goddess was my favorite from last year’s trip – and our family basically took up the entire place!

Southern Pecan (one of the best he’s ever drank) was on the house! My Diet Creme was delicious, as well – sipped on between many many many bites of food shared amongst the table.

Oysters Delacroix – poached in a creamy horseradish sauce, on griddled ciabatta with butter-braised Romaine and applewood bacon

Shrimp “Wearing a Grass Skirt” – wrapped in shredded phyllo with BBQ sauce, roasted pineapple, and young coconut slaw

“Freaky” Tabouli with Smoked Wheat – with roasted acorn squash, currants, pistachios, olives, olive oil, and homemade ajvar

Andouille-Crusted Gulf Fish – with blended smoked andouille sausage over creamy potato gratin, rapini greens, and foie gras vinaigrette

Father Pat’s Grilled Cheese – Cahill’s Irish Porter cheddar (made with Guiness) and pear butter on wholegrain 3-seed bread

1/2 Green Goddess Wedge Salad – boiled shrimp, radishes, cukes, hearts of palm, romaine, eggs, crumbled bacon, romano cheese, and green goddess dressing

Cochon de Lait – Smoky pulled pork seasoned with Hawaiian black lava salt, wrapped in banana leaves, with sweet potato, adobo greens. I couldn’t stop eating this…

…or the Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding – with shallots, carrots, brandied apples, blue cheese, and braised shallots

Somehow, I wound up noshing on several forkfuls of everyone else’s dishes, but nobody really wanted to share mine – the Jamaican Pumpkin Curry Soup

I don’t know why – it was fantastic! Butternut squash and root veggie puree with crispy bits (shallots?!?) on top

At this point, I was ready to explode, but we had to have dessert – in fact, we ordered nearly all of them

The famous bacon sundae…

…seriously, heaven on a spoon…

…even the baby (who’s never had bacon) loved it!

Also mind-blowing – the Chocolate Norwegian French Toast

….and “Saturn Calling” – my father-in-law David said this was one of the best rice puddings he’s ever had, and ordered another one for the table!

Just a little bite of each for me…

…mostly I worked on that sundae – probably ate about 1/2 of this?!?

My 35th birthday couldn’t have been more perfect and memorable. Thank you to my family, and Chef Chris for making it a delicious and ultra special one…

…and thanks to all of YOU for the well-wishes! Between Facebook, Twitter, and the blog, I was wrapped in a cozy blanket of warm fuzzies all day long. Who says X-mas babies don’t get love???

Speaking of which…


20 thoughts on “The Girl with the Bacon Sundae

  1. Lindsay

    Merry Merry Christmas to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like it was a fabulous one, and if I ever hit NOLA again, this place is on my menu! Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!

  2. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Mmm, I want a bacon sundae now! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! Merry Christmas!

  3. Ellen Clifford

    Happy birthday and merry Christmas! I’m glad you are able to enjoy your New Orleans trip sans being sick this year!

  4. Molly

    your New Orleans posts are just causing me too much agony— I want to go back ASAP! That food looks amazing!

  5. Stacy @ Say It With Sprinkles

    A bacon sundae sounds just ridiculous enough that it must have been AMAZING! Yummy!

  6. Simple Speedy Snacks

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I really want to go to New Orleans sometime in the near future, the food looks AMAZING! I really really want a bite of that bacon sundae!!!

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