Pour Some Butter on Me

I haven’t been to an Aquarium in years! The NOLA Aquarium isn’t bad at all…

…they’ve got some pretty impressive creatures…

…and random ones too (that celebrate X-mas, apparently)

Our niece gave it an excellent review.

Since she has an early bedtime (and subsequently, an early dinnertime), Abe and I veered off on our own for a later supper.

The Camellia Grill was a perfect choice, since it’s not really a good place for groups (or babies)

We grabbed one of the few seats left, with a perfect view of all the action!

See that gallon of yellow stuff on the counter? That would be Butter-It, a.k.a. liquid “butter.”

We watched them pour it over nearly every single thing that touched the griddle!

Above is Abe’s omelet being made, and below is my pecan waffle…

…here she is, in all her golden glory!

(Love that they use cloth napkins.)

Condiment Central

1/4 was covered in maple syrup (the real kind)

And the other half was smothered in Strawberry Jam

The waffle was thin, with crunchy bits of pecan baked in. Nutty awesomeness. The remaining 1/4 was traded for Abe’s dinner –

A mushroom and cheese omelet and french fries – washed down with a Barq’s Red Cream (<— the only thing that was NOT good)

My portion…

…with dips…

…hey, wait a second – that’s not mustard…

…you really CAN’T escape that pourable butter here!

Can I just say HOW MUCH I loved this place? Not only was the food yummy (Abe’s omelet was incredibly light and fluffy – probably one of the best ones I’ve ever eaten) but the staff had so much personality. I wanted to hug every single person behind the counter.

Below is my boy Brandon, who saw me sucking on a Caramel Apple Tootsie and asked if he could have it! Didn’t have an extra on me, so I gave him another lollipop, with the promise I would try to stop by next week with his flavor of choice….

…ha – as if I need another excuse to stop by!!!



11 thoughts on “Pour Some Butter on Me

  1. Natasha

    🙂 Ahhhh the neon colours of a diner that has liquid butter and of all things – CLOTH NAPKINS!!!!??? Hilarious and I love it too…
    Hope you and Abe are enjoying yourselves – and your little elf at home is not missin’ you guys too much…
    Happy Holiday’s Lynn and Hand Model
    Love Natasha

  2. Body Polish

    OMG you are a brave girl! I don’t eat out and there is no way I could have eaten the food if I would have seen them pour butter on it.

  3. vixytwix

    Oh wow, that food all looks so good, I am hungry now. Except for thr pourable butter…ick. Great photos.

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