Central Grocery Muffuletta Sandwich

We wait an hour in line at Central Grocery in New Orleans for their Muffuletta Sandwich.

Day 2 New Orleans.  On the agenda – Central Grocery for their famous Muffuletta Sandwich!


First, killing time in Jackson Square…


…bought a few books from the cutest bookstore – Faulkner House Books (ask for Joanne – she knows her literary stuff!).


Most of the morning was spent here:



Waited in line for almost AN HOUR at Central Grocery!



I used the time to catch up with my brother-in-law Zack, plus there was a lot of fun stuff to look at!




Since I was sharing with Abe, I ordered a 1/2 of the Vegetarian-ized version…



…everything but the meat!


Zapps chips, OF COURSE



The veggie version is good, but dang – the meat really makes this a sandwich worth waiting 60 minutes for!  I wonder if you can pay someone to stand in line for you?


We ate the muffuletta sandwiches back at our hotel, where my father-in-law David got takeout from Mother’s. Even though I got sick eating there last year, I had to try a bite of sweet potato pie…


…definitely good, but I wouldn’t stand on line an hour for it. (Maybe 20 minutes, though!)


What’s the longest you’ve ever waited for food?


10 thoughts on “Central Grocery Muffuletta Sandwich

  1. Amber

    We also went to Central Grocery 7 years ago to get the muffuletta, however we did not have to wait an hour. Your sando looked great. I’ve tried a few other sandos in CA over the years and nothing compares. 🙂

  2. hkleczewski

    I love Central Grocery. I make 3-4 trips to NOLA a year and it’s always one of my first stops. Your post made me a little homesick!

  3. Mina

    I’m currently waiting for a table at Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkeley and it’s almost been TWO hours!! The muffuletta with meat definitely looks worth the long wait, though!!

  4. peachkins

    Oh gosh, an hour for food. I don’t think I could wait that long.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. caloricandcrazy

    That sandwich looks delish (the veggie one 🙂 )!

    When I was in New Orleans, I didn’t find Mother’s very appealing. We went around dinnertime and the tables were super messy and the food wasn’t all that great ><.

    How was your experience there?

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      oh, sorry your experience wasn’t as good as mine was! we didn’t eat there – we brought it back to our hotel.

  6. The 99 Cent Chef

    I have a 99 cent recipe for a Muffaletta on my blog –actually easy to make at home, just the olive relish is the trick!

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