Latke Love

The gang’s all here!

We stopped by the beach house last night for a Hanukkah dinner with Uncle Robert, Aunt Heidi, and crew

Roasted chickens from Whole Foods…

…latkes too (both plain and sweet potato)

PERFECT Applesauce by Heidi (adapted from Simply Recipes)

Salad dressing by me – just a quick one of lemon juice, EVOO, dijon, S + P to taste

My plate was heavy on the greens

Star of the evening:

This was also from Whole Foods – a berry-filled sponge cake with buttercream frosting and sugar cookie “handles”

Heidi and I both made birthday wishes (belated for her, early for moi)

Also on the dessert buffet – gluten-free options for Cousin Rachel

And a little carrot cake that I had requested!

Sipped on Sugar Plum Tea – a seasonal favorite

Everything was great (even the gluten-free stuff) but this guy literally took the cake!!!

A giant hunk came home with us, and is now sitting in our freezer. You won’t see him for a while, though, because we’re off to New Orleans!!!


10 thoughts on “Latke Love

  1. HRCK the Herald

    That dessert plate looks SO good! I would have been all over that German Chocolate Cake.

    Sometimes Whole Foods’ frosting disappoints me, so I’m glad that your cake was good!

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