Guest Blogger: Brittani Louise Taylor

Brittani Louise Taylor is an actress, artist, and the 10th most subscribed women on Youtube. With over 890,000 subscribers, and 122,000,000+ total video views, she is a digital force to be reckoned with. Brittani has been fortunate enough create branded videos for Rogue Pictures, Lionsgate, Weinstein Company, GE, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Wonderful Pistachios, and more. She is a lean, mean, creative machine.

I only this year became a vegan. While at the Cleveland airport, coming home from an acting job, I happened to see this book called “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Synder! She is a celebrity nutritionist, and pure genius. Because of her I have more energy, my skin has cleared up, and it is really easy to maintain my figure.

First thing every morning I have half a lemon with hot water, because lemon actually makes your body alkaline. The more alkaline you are, the healthier you are!

I wait a half hour before consuming any food. Liquids dilute your natural digestive enzymes, so it is better to wait a half an hour before, or an hour after eating to drink any form of liquids.

Kimberly turned me on to her “glowing green” smoothie for breakfast. It has 1.5 cups of water (or it wouldn’t blend), romaine lettuce, celery, spinach, an apple, pear, pineapple, banana and half a lemon. I add the pineapple, because I like things more sweet, but it is optional. It lasts me two days, and can be made is huge batches and frozen if you have really busy mornings! I like to buy the glass lock storage containers to keep it really fresh!

It is kind of hard to make in a traditional blender, so if you own a Vitamix or Blendtech blender, you will have no issues with it being lumpy. But, it still tastes good even lumpy! Traditional breakfast foods are processed and hard to digest, so making the change was easy for me! I no longer hit that mid morning/day slump.

I also take a digestive enzyme before every meal. The older we get, the less digestive enzymes we produce, and more of our “beauty energy” then goes to digestion instead of maintaining your skin or hair. Why do kids have so much energy? There bodies produce a ton of digestive enzymes to help them break down their food.

Cutting out meat wasn’t hard for me, but I was worried about getting enough protein. Quinoa, which is a seed, has roughly 9 grams of protein per cup! Almonds are also a great source, but should be covered in filtered water and soaked/stored in the fridge for 24 hours before consuming. There are natural inhibitors in nuts that make then harder to digest, that is why pre-soaking is so important!

Here is my favorite recipe from her book:

Curry Sweet Potatoes


  • 2lbs sweet potatoes
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp curry powder
  • 1 tsp himalayan salt
  • 1/2 tsp tumeric

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees. Rinse and cut the sweet potatoes into roughly two inch chunks. Combine coconut oil and spices into a bowl, add potatoes, and use your hands to mix everything together. Spread out onto a flat glass pan, and leave in the oven for 90 minutes! Yum!



6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Brittani Louise Taylor

  1. Kristine

    I’ve gone green veggie as well. This is similar to the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. I’m a believer in keeping the body alkaline. I’ve been trying quinoa too and it’s pretty good! Do you think I can make “fried quinoia” with soy saunce?

    1. Kristine Kwong

      Awesome!  Who would have thought it’s been made before.  Will definitely try it.

      Regards,Kristine Kwong

  2. Lindsay

    This was very interesting and informative. I’m not giving up the meat anytime soon, (too much great galbi in Korea!) but the digestive enzyme supplement is intriguing~ where to you acquire those??

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