Strange Sightings


Been seeing a buncha out-of-the-ordinary lately…


…aside from this Cirque de Soleil bike, I also witnessed a parked, empty car with its windshield wipers on (engine off) and a woman walking down Larchmont WITHOUT ANY BOTTOMS. Totally casual. No big deal. Just walking down the street in her underwear…

Down the block, a less puzzling surprise!


Every X-mas my local dry cleaners puts out a spread of Middle Eastern food for their customers. They were even featured in this Huell Howser episode!


Along with my clothing, I was sent home with some home-baked Armenian treats. YUM.


Dug into this apricot bar right away – with a bowl of grapes


Two hours later, back to randomness…haven’t made my Spinach Sardine Dip in forever!


These were a sample from Wild Planet – basically just Sardines, water, tomato paste, garlic, sugar, and spices


Ding donged with 1/2 a package of frozen spinach and a Laughing Cow Light wedge


Half went into a bowl, surrounded by Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips


Not for everyone, but I dig it.



Got a guest post over at It All Changes today!

  • vixytwix

    Wow, you’ve seen some strange things. How amazing and wonderful of your dry cleaners. I have never heard of that happening here, anywhere. I’m game to try your Sardine Dip. I really enjoyed your post and it’s variety. Randomness is my thing!

  • DaraRebecca

    I love spinach and laughing cow cheese dip. So delicious for so few calories! And those sweet potato chips are awesome!

  • Body Polish

    That apricot bar looks totally yummy! All I get from my dry cleaner is a bill. :(

  • Gillian

    I should try this, I love sardines! Have you ever tried sardines in mustard sauce?

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      no – that sounds AWESOME

      • Gillian

        see if you can find some in LA – if not I will ship you some from Canada!!

  • duodishes

    Where’d you find those sweet potato tortilla chips?!

  • Katy Widrick

    Do you watch Two Broke Girls? They had a really funny episode recently where a guy was washing his pants at the laundromat (sp?) so he just walked around the city in his underwear. Awesome.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      it definitely felt like i was in a sitcom when i saw her!

  • Clair

    Love the idea of putting out a spread of ethnic food. What a great way to teach people about your culture.

    I give sardines to my cat, which has made me see them as cat food…I definitely need to get over that so I can try this. πŸ˜‰

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yeah, it’s definitely cat food…but so good for you!