Little Dom’s

Had a lunch meeting in Silver Lake yesterday –


Been wanting to check out Little Dom’s since cooking with Willie Garson (one of the owners) last year…


…made some Open Table reservations for 3 – we were seated in a cozy indoor booth by the bar. Reminded me of NYC!


If the name’s familiar, it’s probably because this spot is a celebrity magnet. Or perhaps you’ve heard of their “Pizza with Sunnyside Egg,” featured on The Food Network


…we skipped breakfast (FYI – it’s offered all day) and ordered off the lunch menu instead:


Fontina and Roasted Tomato Panino


Hot Soppresatta and Provolone Panino with sweet pickled peppers and EVOO


Raw Mixed Kale with grilled heirloom carrots and balsamic vinegar (here’s the recipe!)


I had a taste of everything along with my soup…


…Italian wedding! Lotsa meatballs and greens going on in this bowl.


Wound up polishing off a few more pieces of panini too – just because they were sitting there, screaming “Eat Me.”


Really loved this restaurant – the food was great, and the vibe was perfect. Since this was a business meeting, the check was split – I used my Serve card (<—reminder – today’s the last day to enter the $100 credit giveaway!)


Lunch ended late in the afternoon. Never really got an appetite for dinner, so I wound up staying in, ate half a melon, and hung out with this little Dom instead:



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8 thoughts on “Little Dom’s

  1. glidingcalm

    awww ! that soup, raw salad, and panini sandwiches look delicious!!

    i definitely prefer lunch food over breakfast food…………which I think is pretty uncommon!

  2. kellybone

    The Fontina and Roasted Tomato Panino looks delish! Although I never get out of Little Dom’s without devouring the Fried Risotto Balls…

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