How to Make Breakfast Freezer Burritos

Freezer Burritos are my favorite way to meal plan.  I first heard about them on Shutterbean’s site.  And since Breakfast Burritos are a favorite of both Abe and mine, it’s the perfect way to use up some extra eggs, potato, and cheese.



Abe sautées up a package of Southwest Style Hash Browns and onions in olive oil, adding paprika/cumin to the mix.


I scramble up four eggs with a splash of water in coconut oil.


Fold the mixture into several different flavors of Tumaro’s Deli Style Tortillas, with shredded cheddar.

This is the pumpernickel flavor.


Wrap it in a paper towel, then in some plastic wrap…


…five burrito babies ready for the deep freeze…


…when you’re ready to eat, just nuke it in the napkin!  They’re the perfect breakfast on the go.



11 thoughts on “How to Make Breakfast Freezer Burritos

  1. Jessica

    That bread looks sooo goood!!! And good call on frozen burritos; you can always find some of those in our Mexican freezer.

  2. caloricandcrazy

    That bread looks so yummy and spongy! I can imagine pouring honey or warm fruit preserves over it! 🙂

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      yum – that sounds like a great idea! i may serve it with ice cream tomorrow night too…

  3. Jamie [Don't Forget the Cinnamon]

    Those burritos are so cool!! I definitely want to try that to have on hand for a quick meal!

    And that bread looks like it has such a unique texture!

  4. Emily

    Aw, I’m sorry that your brunch was cancelled. At least you were still able to enjoy the bread, which looks delicious!
    “Freezer burritos” are brilliant. Perfect for busy mornings (or afternoons) and you avoid all the preservatives found in regular frozen foods. Yum!

  5. Aimee

    You returned groceries? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Or, I should say, it’s something I’ve never thought of doing. Was it packaged stuff, or fresh? I’m still kind of baffled by this concept…

    BTW – the coffee bread looks really good!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      yes – it was all packaged stuff though! i had just bought orange juice and milk the day before, so when you return with the receipt it’s a cinch.

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