Power Dinner

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Here’s where we went!!!


Da Pasquale is a family-run trattoria on Little Santa Monica – a perfect place to talk shop…


…if you can actually hear yourself! They were packed to the gills last night, resulting in a crowded + loud dining area.


Our poor waitress seemed overwhelmed, but was still charming when we did manage to flag her down. I ordered a small Antipasto Della Casa for the three of us to share….


…everything from shrooms to peppers, carrots, zucchini, and spinach


Pretty oily so I didn’t even need the EVOO/balsamic to dip my bread in…


…this stuff was world class – homemade, doughy (yet chewy) and piping hot…


Had another piece with my second plate of veggies…


…and a third with the soup of the day


White Bean (the daily special)


My agent/manager would want me to end this post with a little self-promotion – the new Surrogate Valentine DVD is available to buy on Amazon!


This one includes deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a bonus track with yours truly…


…what my reps probably DON’T want me to tell you is that it’s the most boring commentary ever (I was folding laundry at home while I recorded it). But the movie’s still good! (You can also add it to your Netflix queue – should be available on instant soon).

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  • http://newlywednewlyveg.wordpress.com Anna

    Hahaha…love it that you gave your commentary while folding laundry :-)

  • http://www.pure2raw.com pure2rawtwins

    that restaurant looked great, what restaurant is not great in LA?? LOL

  • http://healthycoconutblog.com Healthy Coconut

    We are getting Netflix soon and I’ll be sure to add your movies to our queue or hopefully be able to watch it streaming live on our TV. Woohoo :)

  • quinn

    Just added it to my Netflix queue – hope it will be available soon! :)