Chippin’ Away

Hello Monday…


…goodbye manicure. You’ve been (barely) holding on all week through prix-fixe dinners, baking adventures


dim sum, and wedding showers


…now it’s time to clear the slate from all the fancy time on the outside…


…and inside too:


Some new taste adventures, still, while my stomach resets – I found these limited edition Holiday Nips at the 99-cent store and have really been enjoying them!



That’s chamomile tea in my cup – not quite time for my nightly hot chocolate, but I did want to acknowledge that today is National Cocoa Day!


Lately I’ve been getting this bulk-size Nestle mix, and have been using 3/4 of the recommended serving size with hot water – adding extra Vanilla Stevia for sweetness. Makes the container last a lot longer…


…perfect weather in L.A. today for a cup!


9 thoughts on “Chippin’ Away

  1. quinn

    I have been avoiding candy aisles lately, but now I’ll go looking for Eggnog Nips!
    Do you know what those red leaves are?? So pretty!

  2. caloricandcrazy

    Love the seasonal Nips!
    Love seasonal candies in general, but I just don’t like eating them when that holiday is over (for example, Easter themed candies in July…o-0)

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