Unforgettable 2011

Last night was KoreAm Magazine’s annual “Unforgettable” Gala Awards


We were invited by our dear friend Randall Park, who hosted the event


The dress I wore was a hand-me-down from Phil’s wife


She couldn’t make it, so I pretended to be Mrs. Angry Asian Man


…but only for a few seconds – Abe was most definitely my date!


Speaking of marriage, I heard someone say that our table settings were the same ones from “Bella” and “Edward’s” wedding? (Haven’t seen any of the “Twilight” movies so I can neither confirm nor deny this.)


We attended last year’s Gala, so I knew exactly what to expect menu-wise…


…food catered by Lawry’s!!!


Still digesting the heavy Vol. 94 Smorgasbord so I skipped out on the Prime Rib (this was Joz’s plate)


I did have the famous spinning salad…


…but ordered the salmon as my entree


All I’d consumed all day was an apple + miso soup, so I actually had a bit of an appetite and ate everything, except the salad roll.

Made room instead for a piece of the Yorkshire Pudding and whipped horseradish cream…


…plus a few bites of Abe’s creamed corn and mashed potato with gravy (they ran out of Vegetarian Lasagna)


Dessert was dominated – Flourless Chocolate Cake + Raspberry Sauce


Belly happily full, I sat back and enjoyed the show!

It was quite an impressive lineup, with everyone from Super Bowl MVP Jennifer Yuh Nelson being honored…


…plus wonderful performances from Dia Frampton (“The Voice”), I.Am.Me (“America’s Best Dance Crew”) and Amerie. I taped some videos, which you can see on my Mobli and Twitter pages.

In addition to Elmo, Randall stole the show


What a fabulous evening!


Did you have an “Unforgettable” Saturday night?


8 thoughts on “Unforgettable 2011

  1. Living, Learning, Eating

    I haven’t seen it either… But I love your dress, and I’m glad you two had a nice date night! 🙂

  2. Faith

    My Saturday night ended promptly at 9:30. After an early dinner with friend’s and a drink at a bar I dragged my husband home (“but it’s only 9:30!”). I really didn’t care what hour it was, I was beat! Yours look awesome though and you look gorgeous in that dress.

  3. Emily

    You look gorgeous! What a fun event.
    My Saturday night was “unforgettable”, as well. My dad and I went to a benefit concert that featured music by Stephen Sondheim. The line-up of performers was outstanding; everyone from Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) to Diana Degarmo (American Idol). I enjoyed every minute of the show!
    Plus, we ate at SunCafe beforehand which always makes for a great night. 🙂

  4. elise

    you look GORGEOUS lynn.

    ps in case youre wondering about the comment-athon thats going on, im just playing catch up on your life, haha

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