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The Simplest Answer is to Act

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Got this fortune over a decade ago and kept it around to remind myself to keep focus in this crazy industry:

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 3.23.22 PM.png

(Of course, just now I couldn’t find it and used the photo from here.)

Today I had my first audition in forever – it’s usually slow this time of year, but in general things have been absolutely dead for me. It felt good to be out there again, but it was also a sad reminder how few and far between these opportunities have become.

And that’s frustrating.


I like being busy with my career. So busy I have to scarf down food in the car.


These Macro Treats taste really good, but I was expecting for them to stickier, like their bars.


The crumbly mess left ME looking like a crumbly mess for my interview!


Dusted myself off before going on camera for Uploaded: The Asian American Movement.

If it sounds familiar, you may have read about this upcoming documentary in The NY Times. Uploaded focuses on “the visibility of Asian Americans in pop culture since the inception of new media.”

So basically I went from feeling bad about my career to empowered by it.


This struggle never ends. I hope that’s something that non-industry people who read this blog can see – that the glamorous lives of actors really isn’t so exciting. We are just human beings, trying to navigate unrealistic expectations without going bonkers in the process. We shouldn’t be put on pedestals or emulated.

Mostly, I just blog about food. Because if I sat and processed everything that has to do with my career publicly, it wouldn’t be pretty! But here are a few tools I’ve recently discovered for those of you who are also in this ongoing battle, to help you feel less alone in this cuckoo world called show business.

The Inside Acting Podcast – now 64 episodes in, a wealth of knowledge for both the beginning and veteran actor in Los Angeles.


The Working Actress blog – this anonymous actor has a much more established career than me (she’s currently on a hit TV show and is now getting tracked by the paparazzi) but even she still has her bad days.

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 3.28.53 PM.png

Behind-the-scenes of The Social Network DVD – an in-depth look at artists creating, working. Something to aspire to.


It’s a roller coaster.

I wish the simplest answer was a lot simpler to attain. The truth is, it isn’t. But ultimately, it’s worth it.

Meth Muppets

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Not your typical L.A. weather yesterday…


…as the rain came down, Abe and I holed up with a Breaking Bad marathon


This is one of the most outstanding TV shows I’ve ever seen – no exaggeration


Should’ve known I would get addicted to a show about the world of methamphetamines…


After watching 4 episodes in a row, it was time for a much-needed break


Elise put me in touch with Stonehouse 27, who sent one of their vegan sauces to try


Poured the Cilantro and Coconut over some onions, spinach, and chickpeas sautéed in Coconut Earth Balance


With a dab of water – it’s pretty thick!


Served with a slice of Manna Rye


Breaking Bad is NOT appropriate to watch while eating…


…we went with some much lighter viewing


I’m so excited for the new Muppets movie, and so is Abe. Weirdly, none of our younger cousins are!


Before launching back into watching Bryan Cranston’s brilliance I broke into the freezer



Last of the wedding cookies – that’s why it’s so crumbly!



I thought the title of this post was completely random, but there’s actually a few hilarious links on the web dealing with meth and muppets!