Where’s the Beef?

Earlier in the year, I attended a blogger dinner at Fresh East. Last night, I was invited back, in honor of National Vegan Month!


This time, I got to bring my favorite vegetarian along, and we settled into a cozy booth.


The menu has changed – you can now customize your meals according to proteins, so ordering meat/dairy-free was a cinch



We were brought out 2 fresh beverages


Not a juice person, so just a sip of each for me.


Previously, I wasn’t crazy about their Veggie Curry, so I was skeptical about ordering Indian again. But I took a chance on their Red Lentil appetizer…


…glad I did – we both devoured the thick soup, down to the last drop


Also got a plate of Wok’d Quinoa…


…essentially a veggie fried rice. I mean, quinoa. Without the egg.


Next up was both of our favorites – the Mongolian Tofu with brown rice


The green onion and ginger sauce is slightly sweet, and the tofu is perfectly seasoned/cooked


I liked their take on the Banh Mi…


….piled high with greenness…


…dipped into three different sauces:


And finally, the Korean Chili Noodles; I asked for them to dial back the heat (for Abe)


There’s the broccoli, spinach, tofu, bean sprouts, green leaf lettuce, chili sauce…


…where’s the beef noodles?!

Found them!


I only had room for a bite…


…was pretty full, but not in a heavy way like I when I eat loads of meat, cheese, and/or dairy…


…still had room for dessert – last time the mango sorbet blew my mind, but this one (strawberry) wasn’t quite as good…


…I had about four or five spoonfuls. The consistency was really off – previously it was creamy, and this was just icy.  I think there may have been problems with the machine, because it took a long time to come out.


Aside from dessert, the food was really fresh, tasty, and fast. From their yelp reviews, I think things can be pretty hit-or-miss but if you order any of the savory foods above you should be happy, especially if you’re vegan. I had a major red meat craving driving over, and was definitely satiated!

I’m also really glad Abe got to join me, because it’s near his work, and easy to swing by for take-out (they’ve got free parking in the back). As you can see, they had a steady line of customers around 7:30pm.


Thanks for dinner, Fresh East (and for advertising my latest film!)


Speaking of my movies, I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but as of this morning, Surrogate Valentine was listed in Amazon’s “Most Wished for in Romantic Comedies” list top 10. Twice, actually – for both the full download version AND the rental!

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  1. Cindy

    You know…by now I should know better than to read your post when I’m already hungry. The Mongolian Tofu looks divine and now I need to clean the drool off my desk. :/

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