Growing up, I was responsible for a whole bunch of household chores – the only one that I didn’t mind was ironing. I could spend hours spraying starch on my dad’s shirts, pressing cloth napkins and tablecloths…as an adult, I hated doing it. I blame it all on this guy:


When we lived in Astoria, there was only room for a tabletop board. And once we moved to Los Angeles, I never bought one to replace it. So Abe and I walk around all wrinkly.


I finally bit the bullet and invested $20 in a standup version from Target. It ain’t fancy, but it’s so much better than kneeling on the floor!


I spent over an hour going through our wardrobes, while clearing out the DVR. Bliss.


So cool to see my friend Sascha’s brother on Jimmy Fallon


Well, he’s more famous for being “Bela Fleck” than “Sascha’s brother.”


He’s just about the most amazing banjo player ever, and has a new album out – if you like his stuff, you should check out Sascha’s amazing music documentary as well.


While the iron was out, I started thinking about how people make grilled cheese sandwiches with them. I’d always been curious about this process, but feared it’d get too messy. Since I was going to get rid of the old board anyway, I thought, “Hey – let’s give it a shot!”

Don’t do this at home, kids.


At least, not with these ingredients – I used Manna Rye Sourdough Bread, Laughing Cow Sundried Tomato Mozzarella, and dried fig compote




…wrapped in foil


Iron on the highest setting, no steam.


Pressed for 2.5 minutes on each side, flipping every 30 seconds


Oops. Should’ve used butter.


The stuck-on parts were pretty tasty, actually. Reminded me of Injera!


Despite being hideous and mushy…


…I kinda dug this.




16 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Ellen

    Sometimes hideous food is the best tasting! I totally want to try this now.
    And I saw Bela Fleck perform live once, he and the rest of his musicians are absolutely brilliant!

  2. Natalie

    Hahah I love this post – very resourceful. I should try that actually – would come in handy in a college dorm room (where I have a mini iron, but no toaster/panini press) so thanks for the idea!! And actually that sandwich looks pretty delicious to me too!

  3. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    Haha…Ryan wrote his dissertation on irony, and for the first year we were dating, my aunt thought he was writing a dissertation on “ironing.” Both topics are equally exciting, really 🙂

    I’d never think to iron a sandwich!!

  4. Emily

    Lol! Every since I watched the Top Chef episode where one of the contestants used an iron to make grilled-cheese, I’ve been wondering if it would work. How funny! At least it tasted yummy.
    I actually enjoy ironing. It’s calming, in a weird way.

  5. pure2rawtwins

    haha can you come iron for me?? hate doing that, and laundry

    when i was younger, my sisters and i used to iron our hair (before flat irons came out) haha oh those were the days

  6. earthygurl

    AAHHHH I’m cracking up while reading this! Food blogs are educational in so many ways.
    Oh and I hate ironing as well, in fact, I’ve only ironed maybe 5 times in our entire marriage of almost six years!

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