Yesterday was my friend Aaron’s birthday! A group of us gathered at Malo in Silver Lake for a celebratory dinner.


The requisite Mexican meal starter:


Everything on the menu is a la carte, so we got two orders of the “salsa flight” to share


“Chewy chips” were requested – these are essentially undercooked tortillas. The LA Times warns that you will ruin your appetite mindlessly eating them.


They were right. Highly addictive.  I consumed about 3/4 of the basket…


…and probably 1/3 of the “regular crispy” ones too!!!


Dunked in a lot of salsa – I favored the Chile Negro one, probably because it was on top…


…and because it had chocolate.  Used some to flavor the side salad of cabbage, radish, and onion that came with my soup –



This is the chicken pozole (<—recipe can be found on The Food Network)


I was chipped-out and wound up taking most of it home


(Squeezed in a taste of Abe’s soyrizo burrito, though.)


I was even too full for dessert (yes, ya heard right) …


mini cupcakes from Crumbs


Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

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  • Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

    Tortilla chips are so addictive!

  • topangagurl

    The chips looked ca-razy! I love having different types of salsa to try…yummy! Aaron is kinda sweet lookin’…liked his site as well…sigh – I miss eating Mexican – the stuff here (um there is only one pace…) is mucho gross….

  • earthygurl

    I had to laugh when I read this post:) Whenever we go to mexican there’s never room for food after chips. We always joke that we should just leave after the chips and salsa (which we never do, that would be wrong) lol.
    Have a blessed wednesday Lynn!

  • Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    Hmm, salsa flight sounds like an interesting idea. The closest I’ve done is taking every salsa from the salsa bar at Baja Fresh, ha ha!

  • brokencookiesdontcount

    Can’t believe you passed on dessert! Looks like fun, though!

  • caloricandcrazy

    those chewy tortilla chips sound so awesome!

  • Emily Dryden

    Chips are seriously my weakness. When I go out for Mexican food I try not to eat any until my food has arrived, otherwise I can’t stop. And they’re much less tempting once I have my meal in front of me! But, I don’t think I could have resisted them in chewy form- that sounds amazing!

  • Ellen

    I just are at Malo on Monday and was wondering about the chips! Love that place. Next time I’ll try the chewy…

  • Karin Markarian Matevosian

    Malo is so good !!!! gotta go this weekend !! i always get their eggplant tacos and beef pickle tacos !!!