Wild on Rice

Last night was my first time repping our premiere at SXSW

But I didn’t have to do the red carpet all by myself…

…my best friend from high school (who I haven’t seen in at least 6 years) joined me – with a buncha Vancouver-ites

While the movie screened, Abe and I killed time walking around the mall…

…petting dogs in the food court…

…playing pinball…

…and of course, air hockey (when in Canada…)

Then we headed back into the theater to do Q&A…

…and across the street for the festival wrap party at Wild Rice

I have no idea what I ate – but these are the bites I managed to grab when they passed by:

Mostly I was too busy gabbing with peeps (so good to meet blog readers!!!) and catching up with my childhood buddies

Got back late – I had the same midnight snack as the previous night:

Gotta get to the airport! Keep forgetting this is an international trip…

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16 thoughts on “Wild on Rice

  1. Natasha

    You looked like you had a great time Lynn! Vancouver is an incredible place…well…Canada is pretty stellar overall.
    🙁 No butter tarts…well – you have someone who will send you some! 🙂 Along with all of the “international” goodies you crave…let me know.
    Bon Voyage –

  2. Living, Learning, Eating

    Christmas Wonderlands are already up?? I’m so glad that I’ll be back in the States for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Gillian

    You’re in my city!! Too bad I’m in Toronto now or I would have worked to snag you away for some tasty bites! I’ve had some great meals at Wild Rice too!

  4. Miriam

    Being in New Jersey, it’s both funny and bizarre to be back in mall-land. No dogs or air hockey here though. Sadly, just Auntie Anne’s prezels and scary Christmas trees!

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