Why I’m Addicted to Ginger Chews

HAPPY NATIONAL CANDY DAY!!! I actually celebrate this holiday pretty much all the time.  At least 4-6 times a day. After every single meal. Starting with breakfast.  Today’s breakfast?  A toasty Banana ChocoChip Vitiatop.  Ginger Chews are a staple. Usually, after my first meal, because my stomach’s still waking up, I only need one single piece.

healthy Breakfast


The Ginger People (the original ones found at Trader Joe’s) are my first pick. They actually package them differently.  And as a result, they are slightly thicker/chewier. Even though I like the different flavors of the Chimes version, if I have my choice, I go for the green.


Ginger Chews are also my after-candy candy. My dessert, candy, if you will. (And yes, I still eat candy after dessert.)

Throughout the day – these are some other post-meal picks.  First is Nestle’s Nips (I like the Parfait kinds with chocolate or PB in the middle), Baskin Robbin’s Hard Candy, Jolly Ranchers…


…I also stash Riesen in my freezer at home.  They melt in my bag, otherwise.


And of course, finally, one lollipop a day keeps the (head) doctor away. I prefer the original and Caramel Apple ones made by Tootsie (the mouthfeel and flavors are my favorite) but lately I’ve been turned on to See’s sticks too.


Even my nutritional supplements are in candy form…


…and every session concludes with a cup of tea/hot chocolate/miso soup, and stick of gum. I go through phases. The last few months, it’s been Cinnamon Orbit.


All this talk of candy has got me craving…yup, you got it…


Plus, an extra-large cup of extra-salty miso soup to balance it all out.


So for those of you who aren’t longtime readers, now you know my sweet sweet secret. 7 or 8 pieces of candy a day.  That is probably more than your grandmother keeps in the bowl on her coffee table. I stopped blogging about all these things months ago because as you can see, I eat them A LOT. And it got redundant. But it’s an addiction. And I know that it’s still obsessive eating. Maybe one day I’ll stop. Maybe I won’t. But since it’s been a big part of why I no longer binge eat, I’ll take that over eating disorder hell any day.

Speaking of my recovery, the speech I gave at the NEDA Conference is now up on their website, and you can check it out here.


13 thoughts on “Why I’m Addicted to Ginger Chews

  1. Zooey

    I love all the candies! I have an insane sweet tooth too-something I’ve been trying to handle over the years. Before, I would just large amounts of sweets and feel totally awful about it later. However, I’ve started eating small pieces of candy to settle it, and of course, like yourself, I’m still kind of obsessive about it. Thanks so much for your blog, it has been so great in my process of recovery.

  2. Cindy

    Seeing the full set of daily candy I can fully understand your concern when there was a diabetes scare. That would be a tough transition. I recently brought back my two bites if chocolate routine. I found I was consuming all sorts of crap food to handle the craving…that never left. Better to find a positive place for those things. Once again you amaze me with your willingness to lay it all there.

  3. Alice

    How did you know?? I was just thinking about your ginger chew trick because having a piece of candy post-meals has been working for me lately as well. Spent part of the day digging through your faq and old posts for ideas as to why it works, but I’m content with “it just does”. 🙂 thanks for summing it all up here!

  4. Living, Learning, Eating

    I’m more of a chocolate than a hard candy person. So I’m still waiting for chocolate day or ice cream day! Or yogurt day? Parfait day? Peanut butter day? 😛

    I think it’s awesome that you found something that works for you and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your candy habit. Those candies are all small and don’t bring much to the table (it would be different if you had 7 king sized Snicker’s bars a day!) and if they help you stop a vicious cycle, more power to you! 🙂

  5. Emily Dryden

    How did I completely miss the fact that today was National Candy Day?! Good thing I’m enjoying a caramel-apple lollipop as I type this- my subconscious must have known.
    And ginger chews are a staple for me as well. Have you tried the dark-chocolate covered ginger from TJ’s? I haven’t bought them in a while but I used to love them! The flavor is strong so you only need a piece or two. 🙂

  6. Ellen

    I just read your NEDA speech, thank you so much for posting it. You are incredibly brave to tell your story in such detail, and it’s inspiring to hear how your recovery came about.

  7. Erica


    For someone who struggled with disordered eating, you have managed to develop what I think is an incredibly healthy relationship with food. You listen to your body and there are few rules or off-limit foods, it’s amazing and I commend you for it.

    My question is, we all hear that a lot of celebrities go to great lengths, using really unhealthy diet and exercise strategies to stay thin. So are you an anomalie in Hollywood? I have a hard time seeing a lot of super thin celebrities eating the wide range of foods that you do!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      I would say that most actors I know eat pretty “normally” (whatever that means). The only time they’re on super-regimented diets is when they’re working or promoting something – myself included – because they have to keep their energy levels up. And THAT’S also when they’re being scrutinized, so that’s when you’re reading about it.

  8. Anna Freedman

    Yay for candy!! My fav has got to be a peanut butter/chocolate combo, but I really love it all! Because of your example, I’ve started having something sweet after lunch and dinner (my breakfasts are usually sweet anyway – cooked barley with peanut butter and jam), even if it’s just a cup of Good Earth tea which has a naturally sweet taste. And the ritual has helped SO much to turn off the little anxious part of my brain that tells me to overeat or binge. I’m so grateful to have learned this!! Of course I’m not perfect, but any step in the right direction is a big help. Hugs to you, Lynn!

  9. vanillasugarblog

    did you try the apple-ginger chews? so far those are my fav.
    i love swedish fish, just wish they made one without the red dye.
    I do not buy Reisen anymore because I eat them all. Bad girl.

  10. topangagurl

    I adore you Lynn – you have helped me in so many ways…for myself it was/is difficult to not listen to comments from people, family, or even strangers…I still have image “issues” – but everyday it gets better…thank you for all that you do for so many

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      thank YOU for your continued support, and for letting me know. messages like this are why i keep on doing it!

  11. Mallory

    Cherry Tootsie Pops and saltwater taffy are both necessities! I totally know what you mean, I always need to have some sort of flavor in my mouth so I am constantly chewing gum or sucking on candies, etc.

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