In a Funk

Even though I successfully cobbled together the SDAFF video, I really am NOT an editor. I was joking when I put up the call for FCP interns (thank you everyone who sweetly responded) but now Christy and I are dealing with the actual stress of piecing together the footage from our project!!!

Snacked on a handful of Thai Chips while dealing with computer problems…


…nothing got done. Major technical issues!!! I ate an apple the size of Julius‘ head.


Finally changed from my PJ’s (into sweats) and got out of the house. The gray skies did not help


At least we got to see the neighborhood decorations




Butternut Squash Pizza – STAT!!!


I grabbed those out of the freezer, plus a package of string beans (sprinkled with spices) and shoved both in the oven


Extra bacon (picked out of Abe’s pieces) on mine


By the time this Diddy Reise cookie got eaten I was feeling like my old self again…



…but then it was time to sleep! I think I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, though. Especially since I got this good news:


Thanks to Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Surrogate Valentine is going to be available NATIONWIDE on November 1st via Video on Demand – if you’re afraid you’ll forget, you can pre-order the film now on iTunes!


7 thoughts on “In a Funk

  1. Natasha

    Yo Girl – First – it’s ok to have less than productive days…heck – I’ve had a less than productive last 2 weeks! Pizza not only is glorious for the soul, but is is my prerequiste for the blah unproductive blues…walking your hound and mustering to take a walk is a freakin feat on some days! But Julius is thankful and my hound is herding me towards the door as I type this…the air is crisp, and a beautiful Fall day calls…I will answer I say!
    Will be pre-ordering your film! 🙂
    Peace out!
    – Natasha

  2. Sara K

    Wow! So cool at Surrogate Valentine!
    I have to say the weather has a humongous effect on my mood as well- that and my hormones; the other day I was feeling quite drab myself- feeling like I was embedded into a routine that I need to learn how to switch up, also disappointed with one of my friends…and having that time of the month I suppose 😉 But every day is anew and there’s nothing a good dose of Modern Family and some hang-out seshes with my friends/family can’t solve 🙂

  3. wlo

    Congrats on the wide distribution of your film. It really does seem that you are a rising star and there are even greater things to be seen from you in the future.

  4. sophia

    YAY! Congrats on the nationwide distribution of the film, Lynn!

    Yesterday was gloomy, wasn’t it? I woke up to rain beating on my window. but I got to wear boots so I was happy. Though not so happy having to shower in cold water in a cold weather because my hot water is out!


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