Pajama Party

Cold + Rain = Hot Breakfast

In my PJ’s

Got these comfy flannel babies online

EXACTLY the same print I had as a kid!!!

The Vermont Country Store is my newest obsession. They have actual stores, but their catalogue

…much like Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, are my go-to bathtub reading material

Everything!!!  From candy

…to prepared foods

…to home goods (obviously clothing + sleepwear too)

I was sent a plethora of things to sample – Pickles, Avocado Oil, Crackers

…can’t wait to make pumpkin pancakes when there’s more time…

…but for now there’s oatmeal in a flash –

I’m really sad my Umpqua stash is running out because they are worlds better than other instant brands. Abe’s been eating them at work and is a big fan, too.

Just found out that “X’s and O’s” – a movie I made years ago – is now available on Netflix Instant – I may stay in my PJ’s for a few more hours and watch it!


31 thoughts on “Pajama Party

  1. em

    today would have been perfect for an all day pajama party in comfy pjs.
    and pumpkin pancakes are definitely a fave!

  2. Lauren

    I’ve been so curious about Umpqua oats! I’ve seen them but wasn’t sure if I would like them (I usually don’t care for instant oats) but these actually look delicious!

  3. Ami

    I also love perusing foodie-catalogs! It’s so fun to see what new products there are out there, especially ones that aren’t found around where you live!

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  5. Kimberly

    Fun post Lynn! Love your colorful stories and fantastic pix! And don’t you look great in your Lanz jambes? Now if only the dog had a matching set….

  6. Erin | The Other Side of the Road

    So funny. I remember being obsessed with Vermont Country Store’s soy oatmeal, an obsession passed along by my friends. We regularly cleared out the grocery stores of the oatmeal whenever we could find it way back when in Brooklyn. Now your post, which was great because I had no idea Vermont Country Store had a whole catalogue, and just the other day Valerie posted on FB about their amazing customer service.

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