Nice Buns

Ever since my “Girlfriend” co-star Joseph told me about The Bun Truck, I’ve been trying to catch them on twitter.

[ Once I even pulled up JUST as they were leaving!!! ]


Today they were in my ‘hood, with a couple other food trucks


I parked right in back of one and was the very first customer


The Bun Truck was founded by two friends who decided to quit their jobs, take a risk, and follow their true passion


The chef, James Seok, trained at the NYC Culinary Institute and worked at Morimoto’s


They serve Korean Mediterranean Food (and do private catering as well)


Owner Brian was kind enough to treat me to a sampler plate of their 3 buns: Kalbi, Dweji, and Katsu…


…plus their Tempua Onion and Duck Fat Fries


I began with the Katsu – deep fried pork, cucumbers, and cilantro with a sweet n spicy sauce


My initial plan of attack was to eat all the fried stuff and save the rest, so at first I just had a bite of all the buns – all were mind-blowingly tasty and the bao were steamed to light and fluffy perfection


Neither of the sides are Abe-friendly (they do have vegetarian options) since they’re fried in duck fat, which imparts a rich, savor-y flavor.

Old Bay seasoned onions


Garlic Rosemary shoestring potatoes


Once I polished off those delectable morsels I noticed I was trapped! The poor guy behind me was getting a ticket.


So I kept eating.

I felt really bad enjoying this delicious food while seeing his tormented face in my rearview mirror…


…by the time he and the copper drove away, I had somehow polished off the rest of the buns



Screen Shot 2011-10-20 at 12.44.10 PM.png

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  1. Emma

    Goodness gracious almighty, I love me some buns. I am more familiar with the completely enclosed ones with pork (or bean/taro/coconut!) filling…how do these compare?


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