Love Your Body, Love Your Berries

October 19, 2011

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Today, the National Organization of Woman celebrates its 14th annual “Love Your Body Day.” In the past I participated by making this video and now I’m posting as part of the 2011 Blog Carnival, featuring stories around the internet devoted to self-acceptance.

I was at the grocery store recently and came across a box of Frankenberry:


This seasonal cereal has taunted me my entire life. As a child, I became obsessed with the commercials, but was forbidden from buying it. For obvious reasons:


As an adult with eating disorders, I never allowed myself to have it around the house, either.

Today, I finally unleashed the monster!!!


So much of my recovery has been about letting go of “forbidden foods.” But also acknowledging that my eating disorder is still very much a part of me. The binge eater in me would wolf that entire technicolor box in one sitting.

I still think about food a lot. (Obviously, I’m a food blogger.)

One thing I’m conscious of is making sure I don’t deprive myself, but keeping things balanced nutritionally – my body deserves to feel good!


Into a Mason Jar went some Organic Plain Nonfat Yogurt (with NuStevia) and sliced Organic Strawberries


Then a sprinkle of pink ghosts and their marshmallow friends


[ I've always been a volume eater and would rather eat from an overflowing small jar than a giant bowl filled halfway. ]


Frankenberry, my dear, I DO give a damn. I’m so glad you and I could finally do a little a dance.


I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll keep preaching – recovery is not one size fits all. My path may not look perfect, but it’s right for me.

To read more about binge eating, there are a number of great resources, including “Food: The Good Girl’s Drug” by Redbook Deputy Editor Sunny Sea Gold:


I just met Sunny in person at the NEDA Conference (we’re standing next to one another)

Conf 2011 (176).JPG

Check out more posts about body acceptance (including one over at my other site, Thick Dumpling Skin) by visiting NOW’s Blog Carnival.

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