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los angeles area interests - snacks

Last night’s “Finding North” premiere inspired me to use up the IKEA Crispbreads

(1 wedge will cover 2 crackers)

Made a little grown up PB & J sandwich on the last one

Spread’s Dark Chocolate Espresso + Bonne Maman Fig Preserves

The perfect fall apple for a bit of freshness

Went to the brand new West Hollywood library to get some work done

The building is right across from the Pacific Design Center…

…features some cool art both outside

…and indoors –

Small, but comfy.  3 hours of parking with validation.

Make sure to get a County Library card for WiFi access too


You may have seen this posted on my Facebook wall – the casting peeps over at the Fox show “Master Chef” are searching for talented home cooks for Season 3! Open calls are being held in Los Angeles Saturday, October 29th (with other cities following). Preregister on their website, and let the staff at the casting call know you’re a reader of my blog – they’ll put you in the priority line (instead of the longer, general one).

And if you wind up on the show, I want an exclusive interview!!!

Finding North

dessert - party

My buddy Michael Kang directed the IKEA web series “Easy to Assemble,” written/produced by (and starring) Illeana Douglas.


We came out to support him at the Season 3 Premiere, and got a sneak peek of “Finding North


Smitten with Craig Bierko’s dog (who we wound up sitting next to inside Grauman’s Egyptian)


Abe bought some popcorn for us


I was starving and inhaled most of it


Shared some with John too (who looks good in my husband’s glasses, don’t you think?)


Yay, Mike! Poor guy had to catch a red-eye right after the Q&A.


No swedish meatballs at the after-party but IKEA was representin’



I nibbled on a few cookies…


…brought home this Daim


That’s some tasty Swedish chocolate! It perfectly rounded out my midnight snack plate of frozen peaches…


more cookies



You can catch up on Seasons 1 & 2 of “Easy to Assemble” before the October 18th series premiere of “Finding North.”