The Apothecary

“The Apothecary” is a new Young Adult novel written by Maile Meloy that’s getting rave reviews.  Abe’s already read (and loved) it – think “Harry Potter” meets John le Carré.


We celebrated the book’s release yesterday – couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who was there:


Been wanting to try Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches for years, but have never caught up with the truck. They gave me samples of every flavor!!!


I shared a heavenly Potato Chip and Skor Bar cookie with 3 friends, before hitting the dinner buffet.


Heirloom LA did a tremendous job catering – every single bite was wonderful!


Pizzas, grilled veggies, charcuterie…


…delectable passed hors d’oeuvres

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My favorite bite was the chicken n waffles with a blueberry/whipped cream topping. I ate seconds of those, along with another plate from the Crostini Station…


…then hit the Taco Buffet.


Stuffed one tortilla with beef shortrib, salsa, and guac; on the side – halibut, chicken, and caponata.


Pretended to be a kid for these gluten-free chicken fingers.


Ready to burst at this point, but there was one more thing on the menu – Mac and Cheese Lasagna Cupcakes.


My Cool Haus creation – Blackberry Ginger Sorbet sandwiched between a Maple Waffle and Vegan Ginger Cookie.


Epic. Sooooo epic.

I dominated the entire dessert, but just a taste of the paper it came wrapped in.


Yup, that’s right. Edible. Tasted like communion wafer.


Hope the kiddies don’t try nibbling the pages out of this book – I want to read them!



12 thoughts on “The Apothecary

  1. livinglearningeating

    Cool Haus looks amazing! But I don’t really get what it has to do with Germany/German stuff?

  2. Caitlin C.

    Looks like foodie paradise! That potato chip cookie sounds awesome. You seem to have the same strategy as me at events with so many food options – little tastes of everything so you don’t miss out! I like it 😀

  3. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    Potato chips in a cookie? That’s definitely appealing to the pregnant lady in me. 🙂

  4. Emily@SavoryandSavage

    I am drooling over the thought of a potato chip cookie.

    That book looks interesting – I am going to have to order it.

  5. Cindy

    Pretty sure I could be talked into most anything with that blackberry ginger sorbet sandwich. I luv you, but would have wrestled you to the ground to swipe it from your little fingers. 😮

  6. vanillasugarblogv

    Cool Haus ROCKS!
    Saw them on the cooking channel and just nodded my head ‘yes yes yes, what a clever, genius creation’

  7. Lindsay

    I have to stop reading your blog before bedtime, it makes me so HUNGRY, lol! And thank you for sharing about the book, I’ve been looking for a Harry Potter-esque fantasy to get me away!

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