Barrel of Monkeys

Abe and I watched Monkey Business on Netflix Instant last night – just ridiculous fun.

Of course, there were apes…

…and movie stars…

(Ginger Rogers’ apron is nicer than my red carpet dresses)

Julius LOVED it.

A barrel of laughs straight into this morning…

…I can’t eat VitaTops without thinking about Seinfeld

They sent their newest flavor to try – Banana ChocoChip (only available online)

Toasted and tossed into a bowl of plain, nonfat yogurt sweetened with NuStevia

Some Cool Haus Cookie crumbles from last night’s party, thrown in for shits and giggles

When the bowl was clean, I refilled it

Got four loads of laundry to do now. Wish I was joking.


15 thoughts on “Barrel of Monkeys

  1. vanillasugarblogv

    LOVE VitaTops! Please contact me VitaTops. I would love to share a post about you. Haven’t tried the banana ones yet…..can’t find em 🙁
    Did Julius really watch? How cute is that? My cat will watch the TV if other cats are on there.

  2. KaraHadley

    That Seinfeld episode might possibly have been the best one ever. Maybe second only to the one where Kramer adopts a stretch of highway and repaints the lane lines because he wants luxurious lanes and Elaine starts living in an apartment building’s maintenance closet so she can get delivery from a specific restaurant.
    I heart Seinfeld, but not Vita Tops so much.

  3. Lindsay

    I adore that episode of Seinfeld, and the one in which she tries to dance and is TERRIblE. Ginger Rogers is much more talented in the fancy foot category! Have you seen CoCo yet? The story of Coco Chanel? It wasn’t amazing, but was a very interesting story!

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