Grub Restaurant in Hollywood

When we first moved to Los Angeles six years ago, we often went to Grub Restaurant for brunch. Housed in a 1920’s duplex, the vibe is home-y and chill.


Then co-owner Betty Fraser was a contestant on Top Chef and it became impossible to eat a leisurely meal in the tiny space without a 45-minute wait.


Finally, we have returned for their nearly 2-year-old dinner service.  It took a while, but we did it!


The place is so cozy at night – and reservations for four were a cinch!


I chose Grub to meet our new friends Johanna and Patrick for LA Restaurant Week, but none of us wound up ordering from the specially-priced menu.


While waiting for our orders, we began munching on carrot sticks and cucumber slices, with pretzels and ranch dip.


I got their “Beet’s the Alternative” Salad – left off the Gorgonzola, added some chicken.


It’s a very generous portion of herb-seasoned beets with fresh basil, spiced pecans…


…Mixed Greens tossed in Balsamic Molasses Vinaigrette.


Next, a bite of Patrick’s potatoes…


…and Johanna’s Mac and Cheese with Jalapeño-Bacon.


Alas, Abe’s burger had to be sent back to the kitchen – a Garbonzo-Bean-Risotto-Garden-Patty with cheddar, BBQ sauce, and caramelized onions that he ordered vegetarian-ized (but came out with bacon).


I taste-tested it to make sure there was none on the new version…


…stole some Black Pepper Potato Chips too.


Then, using the Yelp App, I score us a free dessert!


This time, we made sure they remembered to bring the bacon on the side.


The dessert is essentially a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, grilled between bread, with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  It’s a must-order.


Also, it’s the perfect size for four people.  I went back for more “crack bacon” – it’s a secret recipe.



All in all, I’m really glad we returned.  I’m pretty sure it’s still a nightmare during weekend brunch, but at night, it reminds me of places in Austin that we love.  Not a hole-in-the-wall, nor a trendy/scene-y restaurant.  It’s just good grub.



6 thoughts on “Grub Restaurant in Hollywood

  1. Caitlin C.

    Ohmygosh that dessert…I just…ah! I had bacon ice cream once, now that was quite the dessert. It was actually part of an entree!

  2. Vegetarian in the City

    wow that restaurant looks adorable! and that dessert wow (minus bacon for me haha) i would definitely order the beet salad too, i LOVE beets!

    hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Amanda

    That’s my hood! I actually haven’t eaten at Grub much despite the fact that they are walking distance, but I must admit their BLT may have ruined all others for me forever. Seriously. Crack bacon it IS. Glad you guys enjoyed!

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